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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fun Stuff

The weather has been miserably hot and humid for quite awhile now.  I haven't worked the dogs other than on the geese in several weeks.  All of my friends are trialing this week....either at Fido farms, Soldier Hollow or the Pleasanton Scottish games.  Boo hoo.  I was feeling kind of lonely when I got a call from one of my co-workers that she would like to come for a visit.  Good...I needed some company and we were all glad to see Michele and Sadie.

Everybody loves company.  Jet (happy boy) and his daughter Yoko were thrilled that Michele and Sadie came for a visit.  Sadie is such a sweet Sheltie. 

Yoko was more than thrilled.  HUG time.
(Yes, that's knucklebrain Champ with the Holy Roller in the background)

Kilt is not exactly nice with strange dogs (understatement)  But, if they are as nice as Sadie and not in her face, she is okay.  We finally let her inside to say hi to Michele and she gave us her happiest face.  That is until Sadie looked in her direction.  Then Kilt was banished to a crate.  LOL

The geese were perfect for Sadie.

It was a hot and muggy afternoon. The geese welcomed a little rain shower from the hose.

Michele fed the geese a head of lettuce.  They weren't very threatened by Sadie.

Yoko says, "Touch my lettuce and you die."  Yoko likes her food :0)

Thanks Michele.  It was a nice afternoon.  Bring yourself and Sadie back anytime.

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