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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Our house

I know I should be excited about moving and may well be when all is said and done.  But, at the moment it seems like a monumental task with having to put our house in Green Valley up for sale in the Spring time.  I love this old partial A-frame.  There is a certain level of comfortability after almost 30 years.  I have all of my kennels where I want them, an arena, a sheep barn, etc.

The covered porch has always been a favorite of mine.  I could stand out here and watch the humming birds or watch the snow fall.  The dogs love the porch, because they have a slider where they can look into the house.  I hope we can find a level of comfortability in the new house in Washington.

Oh the memories....the parties, and my beautiful mountains.  I know I will have a whole new set of beautiful mountains to look at.  But, every time I come home from work I look at everything with a heavy heart now.  Memories.  I'm sure everything will fall into place.  I just wish it was in place right now.  I promised myself not to worry.  Take each day, one at a time.  


Anonymous said...

Hey kiddo. Will never forget all the parties at that homestead of yours! Seeya at the next one!


gvmama said...

New parties about to begin...just in a new location! But, yeah...we had some damn GOOD parties!