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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I found this sand dollar walking along the bay in Sequim with Champ while we were looking at homes.
I didn't expect to find it.  I just happened upon it.  I always take little things like that as a positive sign.  I collect shells.  That is probably my worst habit.  I have boxes of shells and my second worst habit, boxes and boxes of photos.  I have a bowl of sand dollars sitting on my kitchen hutch.  Our coffee table is filled with shells and sand dollars.  I love the beach :0)  Sequim appealed to me for being close to the water.  Plus, I know my husband loves the water.  In his teens he was a commercial crabber with his grandfather in the Delaware bay.  He loves to tell about those great memories.  He will enjoy all of the 'old salts' in the town of Sequim.  That is IF he can ever retire from working.  The man is a workaholic.
Good in some aspects, but the stress has already caught up to him. He isn't quite where I am in lowering the stress....just enjoying life.

This wasn't where I was originally going with this in this post.  But, every day I drive down the canyon to work I take time to thank the Lord for all that I have received.  I'm thankful to get up every morning.  And, my life isn't easy after cancer, surgery, radiation and chemo.  I have some lasting ill affects from those modalities, but I am still able to lift my head and say THANK-YOU.  When people ask me how I am in the morning, I reply, "Happy to be alive, happy to get up in the morning."  Once you lose sight of gratitude you become a different type of person.  You become one that is "expecting" the world to OWE you.

So think about all of the positive aspects of your life and be grateful, have gratitude.  It will make your day a much better day :0)


Karen said...

Thankfully, I'm the 'eternal,sometimes referred to as the 'infernal' optimist'.:)

Much better to see the cup as half full, and not half empty.

gvmama said...

Karen, I agree. I'm blessed that I have never known depression no matter how tough the times might be.