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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Drum roll please

It was a long week for Wayne working mega hours OT at Lockheed.  I was a bit worried since he was just getting over a cold.   Wednesday involved him going to see this little rental we have in Fawn lake in Shelton, Wa.  And, costing a minimum of $2000 in yard work and God Knows what we will have to pay to get it ready to sell after renting it for some 15 years.  Windermere Realty is going to work on selling it for us.  We probably will make just enough to pay off my Jetta.  Hey, something is better than nothing, right?  Hope it sells quickly.

Thursday, our realtor couldn't meet with Wayne.  His wife had just had their 6th or 7th kid and the baby sitter was sick, so he had to stay at home to help his wife.  Bummer, because I know Wayne will love  Brody Broker when he meets him.  Wayne picked up the keys and drove to our new home.  I could tell, even though he was dog tired, he liked it.  After settling in for a few hours and some food in his tummy, he was falling in LOVE with it.  Of course, he had already met our neighbors who have the house above us that looks over the bay.  They spent about 30 minutes talking.  If you know my husband, you know he yak, yak, yaks.

A contractor is coming to work on the place tomorrow.  We were given $4000 for beam repairs we wanted to do off the price of the home.  The house cleaners are coming tomorrow to spit shine the place, complimentary of the last owners.  Wayne will need to purchase an electric saw, because there are quite a few "weed trees" that need some big time trimming. The weather was beautiful there today, but they are expecting showers over the weekend.

Wayne loved the layout of the kitchen/dining and living room.  It is all ONE.  I love that, too.  One thing that will go immediately is the carpet in the hallway and in the bathroom.  The carpet can stay in the bedrooms, but we would rather have laminate flooring in the hallway and tile in the bathroom.  The bathroom is pretty BIG to us...two sinks, OMG.  LOL  But, there is only one bathroom and we will need to at least put in a half bath.  One bathroom doesn't cut it.

The previous owners put in lots of lovely garden areas and pavers and a place for our fire pit.  Someone asked if we had a barn.  Nope....nada.  We have a house.  Good enough.  There is a great area that already has pavers down behind the house for my dog kennels.  We will need to put up fencing for a side yard for them.  It is breathtakingly quiet there.  Down by the pond, Wayne could see where something of late has been bedding down.  My guess is deer.  Though, there are lots of Elk herds still roaming through Happy Valley.  Wayne will be there until Tuesday when he has to get back to work.
We'll see how the rest of the week unfolds. :0)

Wayne took this video close to 8 pm.  Six deer just came out of the woods from behind the house and walked out onto our field.  Wayne is loving it.  He said, "Do you know we can see Hurricane Ridge looking to the West?"  I asked him how he liked the openness of the house?  He said," Heck, I'd be happy living on the porch."  I shouldn't have had any doubts.  I knew he would like it :0)


Karen said...

I couldn't seem to get the video to work.
Great that Wayne loves the house, although it was hard to imagine he wouldn't:)

gvmama said...

Hmmmm Maybe it only works on Macs? I don't know....

Karen said...

Worked for me today:) Love your view!