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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bon Voyage Wayne

 Getting excited about Wayne flying to Washington on Wednesday.  First stop after he rents a car in Seattle is to stop by Shelton where we have a rental house on Fawn lake there.  Time to see about selling it.  We have refinanced it to stay afloat and renting without being up there is the pits.  It's costing us too much money.  Now we need to see about putting it on the market.

Thursday, Wayne will drive up to Sequim (just a couple of hours away from Shelton) and meet with our realtor, Brody Broker.  I still smile when I say his name.  Cracks me up.  Brody is a gem.  I adore him.  I know he and Wayne will never stop talking once they get together.  Brody just wrote me and told me his wife just had her baby on Sat. night.  This is his 6th or 7th kid.  He says they could start their own reality TV show.  I told him he is lowering the average age in Sequim :0)

I am excited to see what Wayne will think of our new home (other than it only has one bathroom)....meaning, we will have to put in at least another half bath.  Wayne told me he only wanted a one story home this time.  Well...kind of.  LOL  All the rooms are on one level...just a level up from the garage.

 The last owners did some really nice landscaping.  Wayne has a contractor coming out to work on the main beams under the porch while he s there..  The renters left us their planter boxes.  That was nice.
I am sending wayne with a sleeping bag and pillow, so he can stay in our new home while he is there.

He will need to make a COSTCO run.  I already made him a list.  Coffee maker, need a riding lawn mower, garden hoses, and a great chair to put out on the deck so he can really take in the beauty of the place.  It is supposed to rain Mon and Tues.  Hope he gets a few sunny days while he is there for about 5 days.  Then we need to decide whether to short term rent it out or just have someone care take it until I get up there by next summer.  So many things to think about.

I didn't know there was over an acre behind the house in trees in my excitement about finding and loving this place.  Oh well.  I'm thinking we can put the dog kennels "behind" the house since you can hear a pin drop in Happy Valley.  The area above to the left of the house will be fenced for the dog yard.  Now, I just have to figure out what type of fencing we will put there.  

Our property kind of comes down the mowed path.  So being a bit greedy, I have already written Brody to see if it is possible to buy the acreage next to our field.  There is another 3-5 acres to the the other side of our field.  I don't know if we can afford it, but I won't know until I ask.
I'm not sure I want sheep.  But, I can tell you this....I love my geese.  I don't know how long I will continue to trial.  I may just want to sit out on the porch, listen to music, and read.  Remains to be seen.
I'm probably full oF BS.  I still have 2 young dogs that I enjoy trialing. LOL

Meanwhile, I will be waiting for that first phone call Thursday night after Wayne gets the keys to our new home.  It's killing me not being able to go with him.  I'm smiling just thinking about it. :0)


Karen said...

It's all pretty exciting. Can't wait to read Wayne's thoughts about the place:)

BettinaLiza said...

Your BCs are splendid. Do you have a FACEBOOK page? If so I invite you to join me Bettina LE MOIGNE. My BC, Scott and I wish you a good day.