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Sunday, September 22, 2013


The entry filled at 40 dogs. The weather changed a complete 360 from the day before.  Friday it was still and warm.  Saturday it was windy and cold.  Everyone was wearing there coat, everyone, but me.  I loved it.  Not the wind, so much, but the cooler temperatures.

Champ's brother, Trip came out for the baby class in AHBA.  His pads were worn raw from working the day before, so he was very ouchy.  But, like a true worker, he carried on.  That class was too easy for him.  Time to move him up.  He listens exceptionally and is more cautious than Champ.  So once his pads get toughened up (he lives on grass in the city) he needs to come out to play and allowed to make some mistakes.  I personally don't like to keep much control on a cautious dog.  I'd rather have them learn from their own mistakes in the beginning :0)  I sent Melodie home with some Benzoin for his pads.  Time to get the bicycle out and get this dog off the lawn.

I put both the girls in level 3 for field geese.  And, neither let me down.  I was most impressed with Kilt.  The geese after going through the first drive panel decided to all fly (hover) home.  I didn't have my antennae up or I could have made a nice save with a quick flank.  They wanted back with their other feathered friends.  Kilt went to pick them up and there was this one goose who didn't want to flock.  She sat in front of it almost nose to beak.  I could hear it hissing at her.  I gave her a few walk ups until i noticed she was "thinking."  Kilt thinking? And, NOT reacting?  Whoa,,,,what have we here?

She could have just grabbed that goose by the neck, but with a bit of verbal encouragement she picked up the others and put them with the singleton and brought them back to the cross drive.  She lost some points but it didn't matter in my book, I thought she was BRILLIANT and almost could have cried I was so proud of her.  She ended up 2nd to her daughter.

Enters....Yoko...goose dog extraordinaire.  Yoko has this down to a fine art.  No style points, upright, one foot, one footin' it, but "thinking" all the way.  She received a 97 1/2.  I gave her a 99 in my own mind.  This dog loves birds and cows.  Sheep, not so much.

Champ had to pick up his geese with two set-out people and dogs trying to hold them. That was a good experience for him.  He handled it like a pro.  He did a nice job overall.

Champ and Kilt worked sheep in the field.  It was pretty much "luck of the draw" in the wind out there.  Kilt drew the running sheep.  Short field course and running sheep...not a good match.  She ended up 2nd. Champ got around okay.  I unfortunately didn't have my head on straight and gave him the girls whistles.  Ugh.  He was a bit mistrustful of me after that.  I apologized to him :0(

We skip the arena events and I entered all 3 in the Ranch class.  Separating the sheep from the goats proved the most difficult for ME.  I ended up having to catch a leg and dragging my sheep into the holding pen.  That didn't do a whole lot for my back at almost 64.  Ugh.  But, they were being butt heads.  It was feeding time and they weren't interested in playing.  

Kilt did a few nice things, Yoko did a few nice saves.  I put Champ in level 2 knowing it might be above his head and it was.  He did some really nice work taking the sheep across the ravine.  His sheep didn't want to flock and they wanted their dinner, so by the time he got to the arena, they were so over the whole day.  I almost retired him because they wouldn't stay together and were driving him mad, but he hung in there right until the end.  Champ is enthusiastic, with loads of talent and HEART.  I think he will be my best dog when he gets a few more years on him.  I'm not rushing him.

It was a fun day and I was grinning ear to ear with all 3 of my dogs. :0)
Can't ask for much more than that.


Karen said...

Good dogs!:)

gvmama said...

Karen...they are GOOD dogs. They bring me such happiness and enjoyment :0)