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Monday, September 23, 2013


Didn't find the right 'short term' renters.  Probably best since we will be up there in December bringing the next load to Sequim.  Wayne said he couldn't find a handyman and he had made a bunch of calls.
I found him one.  I found 3 ads and told him to call the 3rd ad since I had a good feeling about it.  Sam, his girlfriend, and their dog came over to the Sequim house and he is going to care care of the grounds.  Wayne instantly liked him.  Hey, I've been on a roll of late, even from afar. Good thing  :0)

Wayne spent the last couple of days supervising work being done on the main beam under the porch by a contractor.  While the contractor was doing his thing, Wayne bought an electric saw and started trimming trees and bushes.  Some of the garden area paths had become overgrown.  The garden sitting areas are so pretty :0)  Plus, I wanted all of the "weed" trees in the back of the house GONE.  There are pavers behind the house all ready to set my dog kennels on them.  Yea!

Yep...this would be us.

While I was snooping around on Craigs List I found a really nice dining room table and chairs.  I also sent Wayne some ads for some used tractor lawn mowers until we can actually find a good used tractor.  I don't want to put out the money for anything new.  We can do fine with everything used, except maybe a new living room couch.  And, then I will look at Costco.

All I can think of is NO dust.  I have been living in this dust for years.  Dust the house and it is thick in dust the next day.  This time, in Sequim, our house is above the garage.  Yea.  NO dust.  No more rattler vaccines for the dogs.  No more rattle snakes. Plus, it showers/rains.  Wet stuff from the sky.  I'll probably just want to sit outside in it!  And, we will be close to town.  No more 30-40 minute drives to get to a town.  And, I have my choice of going to the water or the mountains in a minute or two.  This better be a GREAT move.   I have made it out to be CAMELOT in my mind. :0)


Karen said...

I love Craigslist:)

gvmama said...

Really, we almost have no furniture other than my desk and a few odds and ends worth moving up to Wa. I wasn't kidding when I said the animals have more stuff to move than we do. Our bed is 20 yrs. old. The couches are pretty dog worn. Craigs list here I come.
I wish he had picked up the dining room table and chairs. They were really different and nice. Boo on men!