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Friday, August 30, 2013

Advertisements: My Two Cents

Here's my TWO cents.

Why do people have to put restrictions on their stock dogs for sale site?  One says you have to have eyes and hip certifications, the other says you can't advertise if you are a puppy mill or an AKC breeder.

I don't buy ANY dog with loopholes (restrictions that say I can't do this or trial there... type of restrictions).  Period.  If I want to buy a dog from the shelter, that's my prerogative.  If I was nutty enough to buy from a puppy mill, I should have that choice....just like I have the choice to join in and protest "against" puppy mills everywhere.

If the buyer doesn't know any better than to buy an AKC conformation dog for USBCHA competition or a puppy from a puppy mill, then, they most likely aren't smart enough to own a dog.  Stupid begets stupid.  Though, I have seen quite a few shelter dogs and some conformation AKC dogs do a pretty nice job in USBCHA events (just saying)  Not, the regular, but it does happen.  Just like you could buy a pup out of exceptional working parents and have it pretty much a dud for the type of work you wanted.

If you are the moderator of a group.  You should have the choice to publish or delete.  I saw one site that showed this guys pups mauling a goat.  Everyone was like...hey, great work, great trainer. Yuck.  So, yes, I think there needs to be a moderator to these sites.
I'm tired of people blasting the people that want to register their dog with AKC to herd at AKC trials.  I enjoy running in their field events on sheep and geese.  Why shouldn't I?  Because you don't approve of their organization since they offer the 'conformation' breed ring, even though, we, that enjoy their herding venue should be penalized?

Yeah...I think you think you are standing up for what you believe in.  That's okay.  But, oh please don't think there isn't 'dirt' in every organization and probably in everyone's breeding program.  Some will admit to it, others will hide it.

Plus, when it comes to "certifications"...it should be up to the buyer to know what they would like to have.  Personally, my first 2 BCs had no certifications other than their parents were still working well into their teens and a couple of them were still trialing at the nationals over the age of 10.  That was a good enough 'cert' for me.  But, when I went to breed, I did eyes, hips, etc. because that's what "I" like to do.

But, I also, registered my litters with ABCA and AKC allowing my customers the "CHOICE" to trial in any organization they want to.  I just sold them a dog.  It is their dog.  Hopefully, I have a good idea as to what they would like to do with the dog I am selling them.  But, in the end I pray the pup has a good home and they enjoy whatever they do with that dog in their lifetime.

Some of the AKC Nationals have some rather BIG names trialing in their herding venue.  Shock!  Not really.

I only do a few trials a year...like maybe 5.  I have  a few open points here and there and a few open wins/placements, but I, also, will trial in AKC herding if the event is local.  I will also judge an AKC event when asked.  I ENJOY it.  My dogs ENJOY it.

End of rant.  Thank-you....if you got to the bottom of the page or lasted through the first paragraph :0)

Have a great day......

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