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Sunday, July 14, 2013


you're the rose and sometimes....you're the fertilizer :0)

I drove down to Campo for Jennifer and Ron's stock dog trial.  Friday afternoon there was a lovely balmy cool breeze.  I haven't been down there in ages and I enjoy the Ewer's company and have missed seeing lots of my sheep friends.  They were kind enough to invite me for Friday night dinner with their family and I enjoyed myself immensely.

Saturday brought a bit warmer weather.  Both the girls ran okay.  Kilt wouldn't take her stop. Yoko had a lovely run.   I thought for sure she pulled an 80 on the course, but the judge from Georgia only gave her a 72 1/2.  That put us in 7th place :0(   She took off a whopping 17 points on her outrun and lift?  I was like what the heck?  Sheep broke a bit towards the set out, but Yoko put them right back on line and brought them through the fetch panels.  I'm not sure how you would lose 17 points for that.  She had a personal best only losing 2 points on her drive, though.  It was a nice enough run that several of my friends came over to compliment me on it.  That always makes you feel good. :0)

Saturday afternoon, Champ got to do the exhaust for nursery and pro-novice.  I didn't want him to exhaust for the whole pro-novice class, so Sue Bradley elected to do the last half.  Sue and Alicia were parked by my van.  I knew I had seen her before, but I just couldn't place her.  Turns out she trialed under me at Molly Wisecarver's AKC trial back a few months ago in Arizona.  She won 3rd in open on Saturday.  We shared a bit of wine together and dog/horse stories.  That was very enjoyable.

Champ watching from my chair (to keep from being stung by the red ants)

Champ was was thrilled with is good fortune that he got to work some sheep exhausting and then driving the flock back to set-out.  In the morning, I wasn't sure my girls would see the sheep set among the Oak trees.  It was difficult in certain types of light (especially, if this isn't a field you have practiced on).  Both girls had no difficulty.  Champ spotted them as soon as I said, "See sheep.'  He was on attention trembling from his ears to his toes.  I took him back to the van, until it was time for him to do his job.  I brought a tuff wear cool coat for him and I'm glad I did.
Champ on the move.

Ready to exhaust the next group

Taking the Dorpers back to set-out (The open class used different sheep)

After the trial, exhibitors could cool down in Jennifer and Ron's pool.  It looked inviting, but I opted for a shower in my van.

Sally, Jennifer, and Ron

The Saturday night potluck was WONDERFUL.  I think that was some of the best food I have eaten since MacDonald's seafood trial up in Washington!  Plus, they had about 9 tables set up for everyone to sit around and gab and eat.  I really enjoy the social aspect of trialing.  I love meeting new people and getting to know others that I know, but may have not had the time to really get to know.  You get the gist. :0)

Sunday brought even more humidity and heat.  I was whipped.  The sheep were done.  I sent Yoko the opposite direction to place her well for the dog leg fetch.  The sheep broke on the full run before she got to the 3/4 mark.  I lost 19 points for her outrun and lift.  Okay, I give.  Kilt didn't run much better.  I actually retired her in the shed ring, because when she got the shed the other two ran for the exhaust at FULL speed.  To me, that was out of bounds. I raised my hand and called it.  As I am walking to my chair, the judge called time.  WTF?  Oh well.

Hiroko with her new Patrick Shannahan puppy, Shep

I left on Sunday about 11:30 AM, since I had a 4 1/2 hour drive home and have to work in the morning.  I came home, took a nap, Wayne made dinner, and then I spent over an hour grooming the foxtails out of the girls.  OMG.  The trial grounds were full of foxtails and red ants.  I won't miss those in the Pacific Northwest!  Champ being a smoothie had about 6 foxtails on him.  Yoko had about 300, her mother mother about 150.  Okay....big job over.  Phew!!

         Thank-you Jennifer, Ron, and family.  You guys run a great trial.  A fun time was had by all!

Time for bed.  Have a good week.  This week is going to be a whirlwind for me!

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Louise said...

What type (brand) of vest is Champ wearing?
Would you recommend that brand?
(I'm looking for a "cooling coat/vest")