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Monday, July 29, 2013

3100 miles later. We're home :0)

Well, that was a trip and a half.  Grateful to be home.  For those of you who didn't follow my trip on FaceBook, I will give you a Reader's Digest version here.  I had many friends offer me places to stay along the way.  That really warmed my heart.   I had many offers to come work sheep.  But, this was more of a 'business' trip.  I did take one day off and that was to attend the Palm Cottage trial in Oregon along the way.  I'm glad I did.  I saw some superb runs and handling.

I stayed in the nicest campground when I arrived in Sequim.  Champ and I stayed at the Dungeness Recreation Area for 5 nights.  Sleeping in the back of my truck with Champ is really almost as comfortable as my bed at home.  The campground was gorgeous.  Miles and miles of trails and deer.  No bugs, no rattlesnakes, and with it being summer, the temps were in the 50's during the mornings and warming up to the 70's during the day.

Champ knows what 'deer' are now.  They were everywhere.

Two and one half days were spent with my realtor looking at homes/properties.  We looked at some 30-40 homes in that period of time.  That's a lot of houses and a lot of driving.  We drove almost 200 miles looking.  I was pretty beat mentally.  Champ was a trooper.  He relished us looking at the larger properties when he could get out of the truck and go for a run.  I only crated him once on the whole trip when I was visiting some dear friends in their RV.  Other than that, he was loose in the back of the Avalanche.  He only ate the corners of my sleeping bag on the first day of the drive.  He finally realized it was going to be a looooong trip and settled in nicely.

I saw lots of nice homes on small parcels of land.  Lots that would be good for the dogs, and the vehicles.  But, I only saw one home that "felt" like home for us.  It was a 'good for the soul' feeling.
Here in Green Valley, CA we have a beautiful small home on 3 acres.  Our view of the mountains is nothing less than spectacular.  We have hiking trails everywhere.  But, we also, have lots of dirt (dust), red ants, foxtails, rattlesnakes, and FIRES.  The last fire was a kick in the ass to motivate me to go look for a new home in the Pacific North West.

The third day of looking my realtor (Brody Broker) and I went back for a second look at the one place that just felt like home.  It is a small 2 bedroom, one bath on 5 acres.  No out buildings, but a view that was spectacular that called to your inner core.  Plus, it comes with 5 acres and distant neighbors on acreage around it.  It is in a beautiful area....Happy Valley.  Kind of strange, huh?...from Green Valley to Happy Valley?  It is 6 minutes from downtown Sequim with a full southern exposure on a sloping hill.  It is on Elk Heights Trail.  Elk herds still roam through the valley.

Just a few pictures for now.  Don't want to jinx myself.  It's not a done deal :0)

The homes around the Happy Valley home are huge, expensive homes.  This is good.  I'd rather be the small fry in a nice area. I'm hoping if we can land some work up there we would be able to add on to the house.  It has a subterranean garage that could be easily made into another bedroom and full bath/office.  All we need is money :0)  I asked Brody, my realtor, to go do whatever errands he might need to do on the third day while leaving Champ and I on the property for several hours.  I wanted time to walk the land, look, listen, and feel.  It felt like home.  In those several hours all I heard was one rooster crow, a horse whinny and a duck quack as it took flight from the pond below.

One of my prerequisites was vaulted ceilings, lots of light, and a feeling of openness.  This home has that.  The whole front of the home is the kitchen, dining and living room looking out onto the deck across the valley that stares at the Olympic foothills.  When I walked out onto the deck, I sat down in one of the chairs and knew I would make an offer.  Brody asked me if he could make me a margarita....LOL

I made an offer and now we have made a counter offer.  I expect we will hear today that we will have to counter offer again.  At least we are in negotiations :0)  I made the offer on my mother's birthday and the closing date for our anniversary (which didn't give them any time at all)  They moved the closing date up another month.  No biggie....I was just using lucky numbers, because that's what I do. :0)  They haven't accepted what we are offering thus far, plus there are still lots of hoops to jump through if they do.  Inspections, well tested, parcel surveyed plus I want a 13 mo. home warranty for items that may break, etc.  The well is pumping 12 gallons per minute.  Whoa...that's way better than here in Green Valley.  Plus, the septic is okayed for another bedroom.  That is a plus, too.

Just a minute away is the Discovery Trail with hiking trails for miles and miles.  And, I saw a small sheep farm a mile or two away in Happy Valley.  Most of Sequim is cattle and horses.  And, let me tell you...those cows and horses look fat and shiny!  I'm not sure if I even want sheep.  If I can find a place to work my dogs on someone else's sheep, I'll do that in a heartbeat.  I enjoy trialing my dogs, but I'm not necessarily looking forward to having more animals.  I am looking forward to a garden, painting, and semi-retirement. :0)  Plus, I am thinking about what Wayne would like, also.  He will have enough to do with a new house, etc.  I am just happy to have the opportunity to move.  I have my fingers crossed and Brody, my realtor has his toes crossed.  We will see what they have to say to our counter offer.  I came up quite a bit and they came down very little.  Nothing is ever easy :0)


Canines 'N Ewe said...

Looks absolutely gorgeous!! Good luck!

Karen said...

I've got to say, the photo you posted of the house didn't make my heart go pitter patter, but loved the look of the land. But then I found the listing (I'm nosy) and saw the pictures, and I've got to say that now what I saw appealed to me very much!:) Fingers crossed that it goes your way:)

gvmama said...

Everyone looks for something different. I'm not looking for maintaining livestock. I'm looking for a retirement home with a great view, easy access to town, water close by and cooler temperatures. The home/property would be greater if it had at least another half bath and 10 acres. :0) Glad you found the pics.