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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Vet Notes

When my Veterinarian dropped dead of a heart attack, I had to try out several new clinics in the area.  Most of the clinics were big practices.  The problem with that is that the dog rarely gets to see the "same" practitioner, because one doesn't know who is there on the day you need them.  Plus, they seem a bit pricier overall.  I wanted a Vet who had a small practice.

After checking around who did Penn Hips when I wanted to x-ray Champ, I found Dr. Lidikay in Fillmore.  Then I found out that quite a few of my friends go there.  He really has been a Godsend for us.  Yes, it is almost an hour drive, but I always make the best of it.  I drive another 20 min. to go to the beach when I have to visit him. That way the dogs can play on the beach, I get in some meditation time, and then we have lunch at the harbor.  Plus, there are some great gas prices on the 126 and they have a hand car wash that I love to go to in town.

When Xena started to fail, especially, after the Powerhouse fire, I took Xena to Dr. Lidikay.  We sat on a bench together examining her and discussing if there were any options.  Yes, we could try fluids for several days and anitbiotics prophylactically, but she was jaundiced, spitting up blood, and off her food.  He hugged me while I cried.  I knew what had to be done.  But, darn it all.....why can't I have a dog just go peacefully in their sleep?

He told me how I was doing the best thing for her because I loved her so much.  He hugged me.  I left the room.  When I came back in she was peacefully lying on a blanket with her head on a pillow.  Her leash and collar mindfully curled by her head.  My bag of watermelon for her was at her side.  Xena loved watermelon, but I couldn't even get her to take a piece.  They even offered to make a clay cast of her paw print.  I declined, but it was a nice touch.

A week later we received a card from the office with a Lab on the front of it 'In deepest sympathy' signed by everyone in the office.   LOVE  :0)

Dear Dr. Lidikay,

Thank-you so much for your kindness on Monday.  We have a huge hole in our heartswhich hopefully, will heal with time.  Xena was an extraordinary Labrador in all ways.
Besides only needing a pat on her head and her dinner (all she ever asked for) she
qualified for the World finals in USDAA agility 5 times.  We retired her at 9 yrs. of age.
She probably could have run another 3 years easily.  15 years is a good life for a
Lab.  She is missed :0(   I hope to meet up with her again some day.

Sincerely,  Suzanne Anaya

A little different story for the Champster who went along the other day with Jet who was having his thyroid level checked.  I asked Dr. Lidikay if he would check the boy's ears.  A foxtail in Jet's ear and a tick in Champ's.  Champ was a bad boy and I asked him to write Dr. Lidikay a note explaining his situation.

Dear Dr. Lidikay,

I know better and so does my Mom.  I'm less than 18 mos. of age and even though I am comfortable with all of the men and people at sheepdog trials, it has only been a couple weeks since the Powerhouse fire.  The firemen broke into our house and rescued the old dogs before my Mom could get there.  They tried to rescue me in my dog run, but I was too scared of them reaching in trying to catch me.  When my Mom arrived, I went with her to escape the fire.  My Mom knows better.  She let her guard down. When you reached over me to shake her hand, I felt crowded just like I did in my kennel when the firemen tried to grab me.  I promise to be a better dog on my next visit and my Mom promises to be on her toes.  I hope I didn't leave too large a bruise on your thigh.  I'm really NOT a biter.
Thanks for taking the tick out of my ear.  That has already made me happier.

Respectfully and Shamefully, CHAMP


Karen said...

Loved the two letters, but Champ's made me laugh:)
We are lucky, and there is a one man practice just a mile and a half away from us. One time I just rode Pride there:)
As much as we know it is the right thing, that last thing we do for our ailing four footed friends is sooo difficult.
I'm forever grateful to my Irish Setter for passing away during the night. I honestly think she died of old age, as other than doggy dementia, I don't remember much in the way of physical ailments. We found her already gone one morning, at the age of 16.

gvmama said...

I miss Xena's woof woof for her dinner when I come home from work :0(

Bad Champ, bad Suzanne...poor Dr. Lidikay :0(