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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rodeo up little man

Champ is too careful, bordering on cautious about making mistakes.  I am trying to show him he can be a little naughty.  I put him in a pen with a bunch of goats and 6 Hampshire lambs.  The goats "like" Champ.  The big Billy tried to help him separate the lambs from the others.  Funniest thing I ever saw.  The Billy head butted the lambs.  He didn't bother Champ at all.  Finally, Champ got 3 Hamps out of the pen.  They are only 3 1/2 mos. but look bigger than that.  Perfect for teaching Champ that he may have to get a bit pushy with them.   Even though Champ isn't as pushy as I would like, he has a great nose bite when he has had enough.  He doesn't get excited; he just walks forward and takes a CHOMP.  
I don't encourage him.  I try to let him figure it out on his own.  I saw that he had a natural nose bite as a young pup.  Now, I'm trying to let him develop it on his own as he matures. :0)

Are you serious?

So, you wanna play?

I'm warning you

Is that the best move you've got?

Check this out!

There....that's more like it :0)


Scott Glen said...

Wow! He does a nice job of standing up to sheep facing him. I would sure like some of that in Ford.

Karen said...

The 'check this out' photo begs for other captions...
The lambs are saying 'well his tonsils look healthy'
or Champ is saying 'you'd better move 'cause if you don't, I can fit your whole head in here'

gvmama said...

You are right. LOL