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Monday, June 17, 2013

The weekend is over so......

How come I feel like I have been run over by a truck?

Wow...trials are a lot of work.  I needed to use the dog's Tuff N'Up on my feet instead of their paws after walking so many miles.  I think everything went pretty darn smoothly.  We have such a great group of people.  And, party.....yep....we all like to party and have a good time.  Party till the grave.

A few favorite pics...most I already posted on Facebook.  More later when I have the time.  This was the FIRST USBCHA sheep trial the Antelope Valley Stockdog Club has put on.  The weather was kind to us and I think everyone had a pretty good time.

Cheryl Necochea and her imported Maid (waiting in the blind)

Terry offered me his colt, Joker to ride.  I told him I do horses better than dogs.  I was almost born in a saddle.  It had been awhile since I saddled up, so it was a ton of fun for me.  I was so glad that Yoko only heeled the sheep, not my horse.  He was still a bit green.

Get a long lil doggies!


This is my girlfriend, Melodie at the post. Ty is bringing the sheep around the post receiving a well deserved first place on Saturday in the Novice class.  He was second on Sunday.  No kidding, this dog only works sheep maybe a handful of times a year and he always works them like a pro.  He was a rescue.  Mel knows his bloodlines.  I think I need a dog from his lines  LOL

Terry bringing the sheep back to the set-out.  Cherries were still available for the pickin' in the local orchards.  That was nice.  And, there is nothing like fresh picked cherries!

We used a stock trailer instead of the pen on Sunday.  
This is a picture of Dr. Bob and his dog Spike.  If there is a most improved award, I think Dr. Bob and Spike are the winners.  AWESOME to watch!

Early Saturday morning.  The one and only Kyle Henisey was our set-out person.  He does a fantabulous job.  When I awakened Saturday morning to see what we needed down there it looked like a Scottish festical....trailers in place, canopy up, sheep, dogs.  You have to love a guy that has his act together.

Best pic of the trial.  
8 yr. old Reagan waiting for the stock to be set at the post with her dog, Doc.
She is a great handler with great dogs.  We all will be in wheelchairs coming to her when she is older giving stock dog clinics. :0)

T.K. doing what he does best....giving orders  LOL

Kathy and dogs and my hubby, working hard (hanging over the fence)

Poster like pic of Dr. Bob's Spike

Kathy and Creg at the post

The honorable Michael Burks, our Saturday judge

Thanks Terry for letting us use your facility and sheep...you, too, Colleen

More to follow as time permits :0)

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