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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I am such a lucky gal that I have so many wonderful friends and am so blessed with fabulous co-workers.  It makes my existence a complete JOY.  No matter how many health problems or aches and pains I may endure, I see myself as truly fortunate.

I've always had stamina, a high pain tolerance, and a positive OUTLOOK on life.  I am one of those God awful people that POP out of bed in the morning saying, "Good Morning God."  I only need 6 hrs. sleep and I'm good to go.

The other great aspect of my life, is my work.  I LOVE my nursing profession.  The 12 hour shifts are taking their toll on on me in my 60's, but I work with such an awesome group of professionals.  And, everyday I learn something new in my profession.  If I'm not learning something new in technology, I am learning something new about diseases or about human nature.

The other great thing is that my husband is tolerant for my LOVE of animals.  Even though he has chosen to not pursue dogs as a hobby (agility) anymore, like me, he enjoys them and helps with them around the home front.   I'd be hard put to take care of 6 dogs (3 of them aging), sheep,work, and trialing, too, all by myself.  So, here's a BIG shout out to my husband, Wayne :0)

About the only thing that depresses me is when friends put "self-serving" interests first, over commitments and friendship.  Family and friends will always come first in my book.  But, with age, comes wisdom.  I'm not on this planet to judge anyone.  Move on and get er done.  My love of life will always exceed any road bumps I may encounter. :0)

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