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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Beach Bums

If there is one thing I do well, it is being a beach bum.  LOL  There is nothing I like better.  I think the dogs would say "woof woof" to that, too.

Today, I had to drive to Fillmore to see my Vet.  That's 2/3rd's the way to the beach.  My thinking is....might as well go the other third.  I had Jet and Champ with me.  I was picking up Jet's Levothyroxine for his hypothyroidism.  I'll have to do some reading.  It's obvious dogs don't metabolize it like humans, because he is on a way bigger dose than I am.  Plus, he will be taking it twice a day.  We will recheck his T4 in another month to see where he is at.  While I was there, they did his toenails for me :0)

They both knew exactly where they were and they were pretty darn happy about it.  The winds were fierce at home today.  It was windy at the beach, but tolerable. The fog bank stayed out to sea.

Here's one guy that took advantage of the winds today :0)

Jet strolling down the beach.  When I was at Jalama in April there were hardly any birds.  Today in Ventura there were zillions of birds, mostly Pelicans.  See them all?  Sorry, I didn't bring my new camera.  But, at least I had my pocket camera in my back pocket.  LOL

I love to take the boys...easy travelers and neither care about other dogs or people.  HAPPY guys.
This would have been much clearer with  my new camera...especially their eyes :0(

The ocean spray is hitting the back side of the rocks.

NOW...we are having fun.  Champ has a palm frond that Jet would like to have.

How could I possibly leave Jet at home?  No way.

Pelicans flying by in the surf.

Three of them catching a bit of sea spray from the wind.

These guys are soaring a bit higher.

They look like they are waiting for me to take their leashes off.  Actually, I just put their leashes on.  I took off one of my flip flops and threw it while holding Champ's leash so he would pull me up the sand embankment.  I almost landed on my face.  Haha on me.

At the Harbor people and dog watching.

Jet wants more than a margarita!

After lunch we always go to the grassy area for Jet to perform for whomever wants to watch.  Champ is looking attentive guarding my purse.  Actually, Champ left his post and ran out while Jet was performing and started to do roll overs in the grass all on his own.  I have started to let him perform a bit now.  I haven't worked with him much, but he is a bit of a show-off.  How could he not be with having Kilt as his Mama!

Tomorrow morning I am leaving on a jet plane to somewhere outside of Phoenix to judge a stock dog trial.  I'll be sure to take some pictures.  Back on Monday. :0)


DeltaBluez Tess said...

We need to go to a beach together

gvmama said...

Anytime Diane. Me thinks I should retire by the water. It always makes me feel so good :0)

Karen said...

There's a reason that waterfront property is so expensive:)
Looks like a wonderful time for all three of you at the beach!