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Sunday, April 28, 2013

FABULOUS weekend

What an action packed weekend....dogs and family.  It doesn't get better than that :0)  Yoko held her lead in the AHBA trial on Friday.  That was nice.  Saturday I attended the AKC trial, only in the morning for the field events.  I arrived at 6:45, thinking the trial started at 7 AM.  It didn't start until 8:30.  I live close enough that I drove home and picked up Champ so he could hang out with me and Yoko.  I went over to check Yoko in for field sheep and geese and lo and behold I had entered Kilt in field geese.  I had forgotten!  That's when you know you need to slow down.  LOL  Wayne was nice enough to drop Kilt off at the trial for me later on.  We only live about 13 minutes away from Leona Valley, the trial site.  Phew.

Sunday at the trial, TK set sheep with his dog riding Ruby the mule.  
Way COOL.  Sorry, I missed it.  This is a photo Colleen took at the trial.
We all have such GREAT fun at TASK FARMS.  I'm so lucky to live so close by.

They surprised the AKC folk and ran the field in reverse.  It was kind of a dry run for our USBCHA trial up coming in June.  The stock setters set from stock trailers down below.  Everything ran smoothly.  Many of the AKC dogs were only used to running this field in the opposite direction, so they were a bit confused when walking to the post.  Yoko had a fair run.  She heel nipped a lamb coming around the post and had one straggler that was confused wanting to go back to the stock trailers, but she got her around.  Her shed was nice.  She was the winner.

Next up.... I entered both the girls in field geese.  I think there were 8 or 9 entries in the advanced division.  Kilt was scheduled to go first, but they let Yoko go first, since Kilt arrived a bit late.  Kilt ran last.  Both girls ran smooth as silk.  Yoko had a beautiful shed.  Kilt was on fire and listening.  Her shed was dynamite.  She is learning to just drop a shoulder one way, then the other way...to make a hole and then she comes in quickly.  Yoko is learning to make her own hole, but still needs to come in faster.

END results;  Kilt High in Trial, Yoko Reserve High in Trial
(nice to have Mom beat her daughter, for a change :0)

I didn't stick around for the arena events or trial on Sunday because my grandson, Dustin, and his wife, Jenee were coming for the evening.

The gang is ALL here! Party on.

All, but Kilt who was sequestered.  Kilt said hi to Dustin's dogs when they weren't in her space.

Sorry about my camera lens cap hanging in the left hand corner :0)  Trouble has never had a "little" friend come visit.  Actually, all of the dogs loved their visitors.  The black and white is Rogue, a rescue.  The Chi is a Mexico rescue named Franco.

Yoko was soooo HAPPY to see Dustin

We listened to music while playing Spades late into the night

I thought just for fun, I'd bring my sheep up to the riding arena and see if Rogue was interested.  Interested was an understatement.  I kept her on a long line and would need more suitable sheep for her.  LOL

Kilt came by to say hi to Jenee and Dustin and their dogs when she was out and about.  She brought the sheep up for Rogue.  She was very happy.  She's okay when new dogs aren't in her space :0)

Rogue and Champ....BEST of buds
They are about the same age and played and played and played.  They both have a similar temperaments and actually look like they could be related.  But, I think Rogue has a little (non-Border Collie) in her background somewhere.  Though, I'm not sure what. I love that they have the opposite low front white socks.  They were too cute together.

Not knowing when we will see Dustin again (Navy Corpsman) I had him say good-bye to Xena.  You never know when it will be your last good-bye.
These two go back a long ways together.  Dustin ran Xena at the USDAA World Championships in Jr. handlers taking second place to Kate Moureaux and Quick. (Almost 13 yrs. ago)
Wow...Time flies.  We sure had a nice visit.  Dustin will be 23 May 8th.  I gave him his birthday present in advance since I'm sure we will not see him for awhile.

It's always sad to see family leave.  I miss them so much.  But, I treasured the time we had together.

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Karen said...

Glad you had a wonderful time with your family:)
Okay, when I saw the picture of sequestered Kilt, I had to laugh. She and Luna do that look well:(

Oh, and congrats to you and Kilt an Yoko on your wins (applauds loudly:)!