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Monday, May 6, 2013

Arizona Border Collie Trial

What a lovely weekend!  I flew out of Burbank into Phoenix and took a shuttle to the Cordis Junction Motel/50's diner.  The trial was 5 minutes away in Mayer, Az. at Molly Wisecarver's facility.  The weather was picture perfect.  I should have brought a jacket, but I borrowed one on Sunday.  I packed light.  I didn't know we would be above the 4000 ft. level. :0)

The motel room was really quaint.  The sink was outside of the shower/bathroom.  The people at the motel were super friendly.  I only saw one uninvited crawly thing in the middle of the night.  I just made sure to check my sheets before getting into bed.  

They have RV parking and a 50's diner.  Each morning I could walk 50 steps to the diner to get my free coffee and buy a piece of raisin toast.  PURRFECT.  The other judge is a friend of mine.  She drove.  So she was kind of my chauffeur for the weekend. Even better.  She had the room just down from me.
Each late afternoon after the trial, I'd walk over and have a Bloody Mary at the diner bar, chit chat with the locals and relax.  Doesn't get better than that!  Friday and Sunday we ate at a great steak house about 20 minutes away called Left-T's.  YUM!  Saturday night we had a potluck at Molly and Steve's where the trial was being held.  Even more fun.

Double m Stockdogs.......what a nice facility.

Got to love the Arizona sky.  There were 2 nice sized arenas and a duck arena.  I personally like to trial in fields versus in arenas.  But, don't get me wrong, arenas are difficult.  There is a whole different set of pressures.  This AKC trial had ducks, sheep and cattle.  Each day was full...meaning Kathy and i each day had 50 dogs to judge.  The first day I judged ducks, Pre-tests and cattle.  The 2nd day I judged 50 sheep runs.

We had our potluck and gave awards out when it was a bit windy and chilly in a HUGE garage.  This is Frankenstove.  I bet that can heat that humongous garage in minutes!

They have lots of covered areas to spectate from and bleachers to sit in.

This is me at lunch time.  I LOVE to swing!

Here's a kennel to die for.  Indoor/outdoor kennel runs with heating and air-conditioning.

Here's a brave 5 week old puppy coming over to another dog's kennel to say hi.

Besides dogs, horses, photography, hiking, the beach...I love cars.  I sure wanted this 1971 K5 Blazer.
I used to have one many moons ago :0)

Who would have thunk?
The only dog to qualify all weekend on cattle was the Bernese Cattle Dog.  I had never seen one work before, so it was quite interesting.  The cattle were TOUGH.  We watched as BC's and Aussies work their hearts out.  But, the Bernese had presence, size, and a big bark.  The smaller dogs were like gnats to these steer.  They would bite a heel and the cow would kick and then they would run to the head and the cow would just shake it's head.  Like shoo fly don't bother me.  The handlers just couldn't get their dogs to stay behind them in the right spot.  Then, here comes the Bernese.  His outrun was lovely and wide and he came on strong on his lift to get them off the hay.  It worked, but not without difficulty :0)

Get along lil doggies.  I took these photos with my pocket camera on Sunday when I was through judging sheep and Kathy was judging cattle.

Competition was fierce.  I saw some of the best handling I have ever seen at one of theses events.  I put up in the placements quite a few non Border Collies.  This German import GSD had the loveliest started run I have ever seen.  I had tears in my eyes.  He tied the advanced dog with a score of 98.  The tie was broken on the cross drive.  They both had zero off their cross drive.  AKC then uses time.   The Border Collie beat the GSD only on time.  I wish you could have seen her work.  She held the pressure and was in perfect position throughout the course.  It was beautiful.

I also had another GSD in my placements, a Bouvier, a Corgi, and a shetland sheepdog.  The shetland sheepdog took 2nd in the advanced sheep class finishing her Championship and putting her breeder in the Hall of Fame.  The breeder's husband has end stage cancer and all they wanted was to see this little dog finish.  It was way cool.  And, you should have seen the run!  That sheltie worked her little heart out.  She was so attentive and in the right place at the right time. :0)

I have to add.....I saw some of the best working Aussies at this trial.  Kudos to the trainers and handlers.  All of the handling with the aussies was whisper quiet.  I was so impressed.  There was one aussie in the pre-tests that I would have brought home with me in a heart beat (if the owner would have let me)   When Kathy judged her the next day, she was just as impressed.  She said she wanted to take her home.  Sorry, I was already first in line.  LOL

Bye Bye Arizona.  I hope I'll be asked to judge again some other time.  The trial ran like clockwork.  We were done before 3 pm each day.  Their hospitality was greatly appreciated.

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