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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Busy day!

Back from the beach with a zillion things on my agenda. Especially when I am scheduled to work five 12 hour shifts in the next 7 days.  Ouch.

The long and winding road coming into Jalama Beach

It doesn't get any better than this (well, at least to me)

I had an early appt. with our Vet in Fillmore this morning.  It is a two hour drive for me, there and back  I took Jet in for a comprehensive physical and some lab work.  He has put on a few pounds.  Plus, we came home with Tramadol, Robaxin and Rimadyl.....a little for whatever ails you.  Xena went along to have her toenails clipped.  She is the only one I can't do by myself.  Her nickname is 'Bearclaw."  Dr. Lidikay does a fabulous job and only charges me $12.00.  I introduced old Xena to the truck ramp and like the Master agility dog she is, she marched right up it like a champ.  I just had to hold her collar since her eyesight isn't very good anymore.  Way to go Xena Bean!

Champ and Jet

Next, I had another hour plus drive roundtrip to Santa Clarita Valley to visit the Apple store. I downloaded my beach photos and it was so windy here that the electricity went off.  When it did, so did my 200 photos on my iMac.  Poof.  Gone. Lucky I have iCloud, so my photos were on my iPad, but I still had to go into Apple to fix the problem.  Dan mentored me again for an hour.  Poor guy...good looking nerd having to deal with the likes of me.  I kept laughing out loud telling him he probably wanted to kill himself to put up with all of my dumb questions.  It's fixed.  Pwee.

It will take me a week or so to go through my photos, so bear with me.  As soon as I got back to the house this afternoon, I loaded up Yoko and Champ taking them to Task Farms.  I owed Yoko big time for not taking her to the beach with me.  Thankfully, that's only a 30 minute roundtrip for me.  But, I needed to get over there before feeding time.  And, I did.

I worked the dogs out in the field, rounded up some loose geese, and said "hi" to the newest ranch addition.  A steel gray bull calf from # Seven.  Too cute.  I told Terry he should call the calf, Steely Dan, but he says he has to call it Bill.  Reason being, is that Bill had to get a wench to pull the calf out.  So, Bill it is :0)

Terry asked me to start working the lambs and kids.  I have a few photos of Champ being introduced to the newbies.  Champ probably hasn't seen a lamb or kid since he was a wee lad himself.  It was pretty funny.  Yes, he spent two months at Suzy's, but........he lived in a kennel and worked the world's most perfect sheep.  LOL  Time to rodeo up my friend.  This is the real world.  The first ram lamb that tried to butt him, Champ licked his nose.  Oh dear. One of the mama goats thought about bashing him one, but then thought better of it.  I could see her expression.  "Why waste my time?  This guy is stupid."  Yep, she is right....for the time being, he is pretty dumb.  Slowly, but surely he will learn :0)  Even Yoko had a funny expression on her face....like, really?  This is my half brother?  Go figure.  LOL

Now, I'm home and trying to clean out my van.  I have to be up at 4:30 tomorrow and to work by 6:30.  Yuck.  Oh well....to play, one must pay. :0)

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Karen said...

You are a busy lady!
Great photo of the two dogs. You could frame that one:)