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Friday, April 12, 2013


While I am at the beach.....
I have listened to Jewel's Pieces of You about 10 times.  'Maybe you hate them because they are pieces of you."  There surely is a ring of truth to that statement, don't you think?

I think what brought this to light the other day for me was when I had an elderly patient who blurt  out to me, " I'm sure glad you are caring for me today.    And, then...."because I know you aren't a lesbian....Not that I'm homophobic. " Yikes!  Not exactly what I was expecting to hear.  Just when you have thought you've heard everything and seen everything in the hospital, you get another wake-up call.  Wouldn't he be disturbed if he knew that I actually received a love letter from another girl while in my 20's.  I wasn't disturbed by it.  I actually was flattered that she took the time to tell me how she felt :0) Later on in the day he made a comment about his young roommate covered in tattoos. Ugh.  Not homophobic, my ass!

This also makes me think of bullying, racists, and a newspaper article I just read about the Rutger coach getting fired (as he should be) for berating the players, hitting, shoving, and making anti-gay slurs.  Yuck!  Why are people like this?  Do you think it has something to do with an innate disturbing feeling that they might hate them because deep down they are pieces of themselves that they are trying to suppress?   I think Jewel is right on.

 I just watched a short oscar winning international film called 'Trevor' that I downloaded off of itunes.  It is about a young boy who lip syncs to Diana Ross and has a crush on an older popular boy in school.  It is extremely well done, even his attempt at suicide for being ridiculed and looked upon as weird.  Goes  right along with some of what I was discussing above.  

Off my soapbox....for awhile. Thanks for listening.
Time for a 'drink' and I don't mean a soda pop as the kid camping next door is counting out loud on his pogo stick.....195,196,197. .......Champ is becoming desensitized.  Me, not so much.  LOL

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