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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


It has amazed me how these Border Collies NEVER forget.  When Champ arrived home after 2 winter months with Suzy I went to feed him dinner in the hallway.  He looked at me like I had lost my mind and ran into the living room.  He crated himself in the crate he always ate dinner in.   He ran out back and started doing his come bye circles (his favorite side...just the opposite of his mother).  Since I don't want him playing 24/7 with his mom and half sis, we have changed up the kennel arrangements a bit.  Champ is now kenneled out back with the old dogs.  He has free run of the yard with Trouble, Jet and Xena.  That way he is NOT running like a mad man.  Plus, he has to mind his manners with the old dogs.  The only one that has bit him on the snout is Trouble :0)  Old Jet finds he is much more tolerable at 15 mos. than he was at 12 mos.  Champ turns 15 mos. today.

YEA!  I'm home!!!!

While up at Suzy's, she worked Champ both days.  On day one she worked him out in her field by herself.  He looked nice, but was a bit tentative.  On day two, I stood next to Suzy while she worked Champ and he was much more confident.  I liked what I saw.  But, I have to tell you I was a bit worried when I left that I should have worked him (myself).


I haven't uploaded his second day of work yet.  Thankfully, Jean Singer was there and filmed day two for me to watch over and over.  It doesn't want to upload to my iMac, so I will try to get er done on the PC today.  I had Suzy do her whistles for me and recorded them on my phone.  

Yesterday I took Champ out to Task Farms to see how we would do together.  He tried real hard.  But, I stand differently, I hold my crook differently, and I whistle differently....no doubt.  But, I had a STOP and a sweet steady.  Can you say HAPPY?  Ya, sure, you betcha!

It was important for me to get a good solid start (foundation) on Champ.  I didn't want him to take advantage of me like his mother did. I did all of his pre-school work before leaving him with Suzy for 2 months.  That was the best investment I have ever made.


Suzy said I could let him be a little bit naughty while working him. She will take him back later this summer for another month or two.  He is so much calmer around his sheep now.   When I took him to Suzy's he was clacking his teeth as he circled his sheep.  She is an amazing trainer.  She doesn't miss an ear going forward or backwards,  She sees everything.  Plus, she is the hardest working gal around and one of the most knowledgeable in the business :0)  


Jenny Glen said...

He looks GREAT!

gvmama said...

Thank-you Jenny. His world started to take a turn for the BEST when Scott threw that water bottle at him for flanking when he shouldn't. LOL

Karen said...

I was impressed!
Everything looked cool, calm, collected and under control:)