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Monday, March 18, 2013

1200 miles

My week off from work entailed some 11 days and 1200 miles.  The good news is that my van is wonderful.  And, I really think it gets as good as gas mileage as my Chevy Avalanche truck.  I know with it's F10 Triton engine it just walks up the Grapevine :0)  It drives like a dream.  I really got to know my van inside and out this trip.  I became comfortable with it.

Pictured parked at Suzy Applegate's in Plymouth, CA.

My trip included the big Zamora trial, a stop at Suzy's to pick up Champ and then to the Sonoma wine country trial.  Yoko didn't work anything close to what she is capable of and I have begun to reevaluate.  She only gets to work a couple of times a week and on the usual same hair sheep.  I tried to get her on some range ewes just to feel a bit more comfortable before my trip, but it just didn't happen.

Champ at Zamora

Champ enjoying his freedom in the hills of Zamora

Reflection of Suzy's barn in the pond

Champs sees exhaust sheep at Zamora

He is really working very nicely for 14 mos.  Suzy is a miracle worker.  He was running sheep over the top of me and Suzy turned him into a different dog in a couple of months.  She is amazing.  Champ is a perfect blend of Buzz and Kilt.  He looks like both and works like both of them combined.

Yoko got to the top of the 700 yard outrun both days with redirects, but lost her sheep to set out each time.  I was worried that she would get lost running too wide at Zamora and worked on call ins.  Bad move, Suzanne.  There was a lot of commotion on the top and the sheep were a bit intimidating for her, I think.  We need to find some large wool sheep to work.

The weather was picture perfect the whole trip and all 3 of my stops....Suzy's, Zamora, and Sonoma were breath taking.  In that respect, it was a wonderful trip.

Champ finally overcomes his fear of swimming

Yoko was in seventh heaven with Suzy's pond

Yoko, our beaver

Guard dogs with sheep on the hill at Sonoma

Just a few pics from my trip.  I have more and will go into further detail later.  Yoko pulled a muscle on Saturday at Sonoma and I had to scratch her on Sunday.  Today, Monday she looks much better.  All in all, it was a nice trip with good friends and gave me time to reevaluate lots going on in my life....things I need to change, things I like just the way they are and so forth.  It was very introspective.  

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Karen said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip, lots of time to think:)
Beautiful rolling green hills!