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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


The yearling range lambs were challenging to say the least.  There was no leader and they would change directions and split at the drop of a hat. Sometimes they were a bear to get around the post.  I'm not sure why that part of the course was so difficult.  The first drive panel they would run and lean on the dog.  If you got turned towards the cross drive panel which was VERY close to set out you had a whole 'nother set of difficulties.  There were very few pens on day one and day two on the flat field. 
Yoko refused to stop for me so it was impossible to navigate.  She couldn't give up the pressure of the lambs.  Oh well....need different sheep for her to work on.  That's for sure.

 The flat field
The set outs for this trial were excellent
The weather was absolutely perfect
The lambs...challenging

The lone range ewe.  She jumped the fence :0)

Once one split from the other three, they were hard to catch

No match for this gentleman   LOL

The hill field

One likes to run the "hill" field first.   It has it's own set of pressures, but is easier to run than the flat field on day one.  The open handlers like to run the flat on day three when the sheep have been around the course once.
Yoko tweaked a rear leg muscle Saturday when she ran.  It hurt me to have to pull her from the hill field on Sunday.  But, it was necessary.  I cried a bit on the way home.  But, Yo appeared just fine come Monday morning.

Every afternoon at the lunch break they would have a fantastic raffle.  All of the proceeds went to the local boy's club.  I bought $10 of tickets on Friday and Saturday.  I won some great prizes including a bottle of wine which we drank on Saturday night.
The very last raffle prize was a car dog bed that was perfect for Trouble.  I didn't win it.  Yvette Cook won it.  When she heard I wanted it for Trouble, she gave it to me.  How sweet was that!

Next blog...I will tell you about the new camera I purchased :0)

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