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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Several weeks ago on my big hike to grass Mountain, Kilt didn't want to jump up on boulders to have her picture taken.  That was my first hint something was wrong.  Almost to the top of the mountain after dancing around me like a nut, she went OOPs and I could see she was in pain.  She was favoring her right back leg and her back was hunched.  She didn't want to sit straight.  I snapped a leash on her and walked her the couple of miles down the mountain.
I gave her an injection of Adequan and rested her for a few days.  My husband said he couldn't see ANYTHING wrong with her, so when I wasn't home it was easier to throw her out back with all of the dogs than to leash walk her.  She was fine for several weeks.
Next time I worked  her in the desert she appeared fine UNTIL she came home and rested an hour or so.  She got up stiff and could barely move around.  Even Wayne, said, "Wow...something is way wrong with Kilt."
I gave her another injection of Adequan and put her on leash walk and trotting rest.  It has been a couple of weeks.  I took her to Porterville with me since Wayne has the flu (after receiving the flu vaccine)...UGH.  He is on about day 8 or 9 now and it is a WICKED virus.  First time ever we both got the flu vaccine since they said the vaccine was the correct vaccine this year for the strain of flu going around.  Hogwash.
Anyway, back to Kilt.  I took her to Porterville with me in order to make it easy on Wayne to rest.  I forfeited her runs.  I let her trot around one early morning behind her sheep so she thought she got to do something.
Yesterday we had our first Chiropractor appt. with a gal who does ALL of the local agility dogs at a Vet clinic in Northridge.  She watched her move and agreed with me that she was pronating her right hip ever so slightly.  She also has been carrying her tail lower than normal.  I have a horse background and I can see subtle differences when most can't.  But, Dr. Haworth saw the same thing.  She adjusted her back.  Of course, Kilt loved the attention.  She appeared a bit sore to  me in her lumbar sacral region.
But, I still have not ruled out an iliopsosas muscle strain.  I think she could have pulled a right groin muscle.   Interestingly enough, when one of my friends was working his dog in the desert the other day, his dog had the EXACT same symptoms as Kilt.  Same leg, same everything.  He called me last night after he took his dog to a rehab center.  They feel it is a iliopsosas muscle strain.  Rehab, rest, leash walking, trotting, no jumping, or quick cutting horse moves.
So that's where we stand with our three USBCHA trials in March.  The next 3 weeks lots of trotting and resting.  No jumping for toys, etc.  Here is a good article on iliopsosas strains.

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