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Monday, February 11, 2013

February Fun Match

It was a little hairy and scary driving over the Grapevine in snow and ice.  The judge just made it over later in the afternoon before they closed the road to traffic.

Once over the Grapevine towards Porterville, the sun was shining.
(For awhile)

Looks a bit wicked, eh?  Not too bad.  A few squalls of rain and one short lived hail storm.
I was greeted by one of the many guardian dogs.

Yoko and Kilt making themselves at home while it was raining.
My favorite...the goats.

Per usual, I didn't bring my good camera :0(
The rain cleared and the fog rolled in at ground level.
I love this photo of the Suffolks watching me and my dogs strolling at about sunset time.  There are another 100 or so sheep in the fog behind them.

Couldn't resist this photo :0)

This shows how heavy the fog rolled in.

Another glorious sunset and Jim and Sally Oxford's ranch
At lunch time we went to the Oxford's house and had soup and salad and a general meeting of the San Joaquin Valley Border Collie Club.  Year end awards were given at this time, too.

This is River, Bev Lambert's puppy.

The weekend was cool, but perfect for running dogs.

Mimi Wilson's dogs watching intently.

Cari Bennett's Baby Boone pup!

Heading home. Now you can see the snow on the Grapevine.
I didn't run Kilt because she is still a bit off in my eyes.  The field has berms and I didn't want her to hit one of them and do worse damage.  I got to run Yoko once.  And, she ran pretty mediocre.  I could have run Yoko twice, but I was the last on the schedule to run and it's a 3 hour drive home. 
Hope you liked the pictures.  I must get dressed.  Kilt has her first chiropractic appt. today :0)


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Karen said...

Great pictures, and some CUTE puppies!