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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The New Kids on the Block

As I was driving into Task Farms, Terry was driving out and stopped me to tell me about the new kids at the farm.  Baby Goats.  I LOVE baby goats.  I love ALL goats.
This Mama was very protective of her newest kid.

These two siblings were enjoying the sun

The easy way to nurse.  Get on your knees.

Brand new set of twins in the shelter
OMG  Just look at this face!

Yoko took some sheep out to the field to work

Kilt just trotted around with sheep for exercise

And, Jet got to plod along behind Geese. 
I think I heard him say, "Fowl Play."  LOL


Karen said...

Goat kids ARE cute!
Fowl play...snort! Looks like those geese are all stepping out in time.

gvmama said...

nothing cuter than goat kids!