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Friday, January 25, 2013

Let's go hiking

     Self Portrait    (Yea, Blogger fixed the photo problem)
The weather today was in the upper 50's with a soft rain.  You couldn't see the tops of the mountains because they were in the clouds.  I decided to take the girls, Yoko and Kilt, on a hike with me to Grass Mountain. I can usually hike it at a good clip in 3 hours, but today I kind of plodded up the mountain.  It was so beautiful.  I kept my listening ears and watchful eyes out for cats.  I knew in the back of my mind that Wayne would fret about me doing it alone.  So when I got to high altitudes I could get cell reception in order to text him photos/messages.  I don't know if that eased his fears, but it kept him abreast as to where I was if anything happened.
The beginning of our hike.  I can barely see my red truck on the road.
First PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) marker.  If I had been "astute" I would have noticed that Kilt was not sitting straight.  Kilt ALWAYS sits perfectly straight.  She probably was sore on that back right leg at the start of the hike. :0(   Bad Mom, but she showed no lameness.
Beautiful rock formations.  By the time we arrived at "Sunday Rock" named for it's black and white striations, Kilt didn't want to leap to the top of the rock.  My antennae went up.  She still wasn't showing any signs of lameness and still was being silly dancing around on the trail.

Ah Kilty...You are such a BEAUTIFUL girl.
This gives you an idea just how foggy it was while trekking upwards.
A wet and happy Yoko
7/8 of the way there.  We can either hike the trail up to Grass Mountain or take the forestry road.  It was a bit creepy since I forgot my gun, so I opted for the road.  Kilt was dancing around me being stupid when all of a sudden she held her back right leg up.  Uh oh.  Her back was hunched (roached).  Trouble in River City.  I snapped a leash on her.  We were too close to the top to quit at this point.
Close up of the glove left on the PCT marker :0)
Foggy hike up the road.  God only knows what might be tracking us.
It's not a huge hike...maybe, 2 to 2 1/2 miles one way, but it is a steep hike.  Wayne says after my friends hike Grass Mtn. with me, they never come back.  Haha
Look how SMALL Yoko appears next to the huge Coulter pines.  There is something so  magical about Grass Mountain.  It just makes me want to meditate and celebrate life.  I have told Wayne that when I expire, toss my ashes on top of Grass Mountain :0)
I'm loving the light rain and fog.  It makes it mysterious and a bit dangerous.
Once I found a horses skeleton up here.  A small horse that probably got dragged under a tree by a Cougar.  I alerted the Forestry station below when I was through hiking.

Yoko in Vince's tree
There is a plaque on this big Coulter pine for Vince.  Obviously, someone else found this spot as special as I do.  The plague says SOAR ON Vince.
See the shiny brass plaque?

We took refuge from the rain for awhile under a huge Coulter pine.
It amazes me that the little pocket camera I have 2X3 inches that I have dropped on concrete and in water, ect. etc. still takes great photos!
And, this is why they call it GRASS Mountain :0)
Goodbye Grass 
Starting our descent.  Glad to be alive and glad to be able to make it up there for a visit.
Sometimes the BEST things in life are FREE.
Noticed to the side of the trail, a new pine tree.  Sign says Digger Pine, A seed from Kern County.  Now how COOL is that?  The Kern holds a very dear place in my heart for hiking. :0)
A SMALL Coulter pine
Even rain drops on a winter shrub were pretty to look at.
Lots of plant life to look at :0)
Back to the first trail marker. I have met some interesting people on this trail.  I once met a mule packer, Cuervo, was his name.  I drove home and brought him back a bottle of wine, some canned chili and 3 sacks of dog food for his Border Collie mix.  Wayne always fears for me, but I have a bit of a wandering soul in me. Always have, always will :0)
P.S. In case you are wondering.  Kilt received an injection of Adequan when we arrived home and has been sequestered to the kitchen for awhile.  She appears much better today.  Thank-you lord.



Karen said...

Loved that, thanks for taking us along for the hike!
I'd find it a bit creepy on my own in that fog. Well depends on how far ahead you could see I guess.
I remember you telling us about Cuervo.
Hope Kilt is feeling better today.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Suzanne, for inviting us to go hiking with you. Beautiful! As your Uncle Dave would say, "Ditto" to "Glad to be alive and glad to be able to make it up there (Grass Mountain) for a visit" with you. We love you.
Love, Aunt Jeanette
and your seven cousins,
Captain Bill Bew
David F. Bew II
Diane, Bonnie, marie, Bobbi, Betsy