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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

On the road again

Lots of stuff going on.  I broke down and spent the day shopping yesterday.  I detest shopping, but  it is much easier for me to do some shopping without Wayne who is indecisive.  I can make some pretty quick decisions.  I bought a new computer.  Yep, I did it.  I bought my first iMac.  Everyone in the Apple store started cheering.  I thought a marching band would appear any moment.  Too funny!  I guess there will be a big learning curve coming for me.  They gave me for $99 a year of free classes at the Apple store.  Of course, the store is 45 minutes away because there is nothing remotely close to us living rural, but that's okay.  It will be shipped in about 2-3 weeks. 

We have a leak somewhere underground.  We noticed the pressure pump coming on and checked the water storage tank which was almost empty.  Both the well pumps are working fine. Normally, in the winter we have to turn off the wells because water will flow over the top of the storage tank. We have a 300 foot well and a 90 footer for a back-up.  For several weeks we haven't seen the water over flowing.  Difficult, since it has been raining off and on for awhile and the ground is wet.  Thankfully,  Wayne is an electrical genius and this is right up his alley.  Most definitely this is NOT my forte.  This is when having a man around is great!  He has been digging and capping and checking the pressure pump, etc.  I guess this will be going on for a few days while he tries to isolate where the leak is.  Meanwhile, I have been using the trailer to shower and lots of bottled water in the house :0(  Oh well...trade offs for living rural, right?

Last, but not least, Tuesday I'm off for Plymouth, CA...up towards Sacramento to see Champ.

Okay it's Tuesday morning.  Wayne filled the tank enough for me to a quick shower (bird bath) and says I can flush the toilet once before I leave.  He shut off the water before he went to work.  He isolated a small leak at the house (fixed) and another underground going towards the storage tank (not sure if fixed).  Now the grand finale...the storage tank itself which is over 30 years old.  Wayne will be showering at work , so I'm sure he is glad I will be gone for a few days :0)  It's not like you can just run down to Lowes and buy a 5000 gallon water storage tank.  The trials and tribulations of living rural.  It's worth it !!!!!

Work was hellish yesterday and I had a staff meeting on top of it so I didn't get home until past 9 pm last night.  Next time I do a 6 hour drive I might think about giving myself a day of rest before venturing onto the road.  So be it.  I'm looking forward to seeing Champ...yes and no.  Yes, because I can't wait to see how he is working and no, because I know he will be so sad to see me leave him there again. :0(  I am taking Yoko up for a lesson and old Jet told me this morning that he will be traveling with us.  Dang, that old dog has some ESP.  He knew the minute I opened my eyes at 5 am that I wasn't going to work (up too late) and he also knew I was going on a trip.

I'll try to get a movie of Champers working and a few pics.  I know his half sis, Yoko will be glad to see him.  Jet...not so much :0)  He hasn't missed the little brat.  But, he will be happy to bite his muzzle when he sees him. 

Loading up and heading out!

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Karen said...

Hope Wayne has the water problem all sorted out by the time you get back:) We are rural, but not as rural as you, and thankfully we are on municipal water, so no worrying about wells etc.

It will be exciting for you and Yoko to see Champ. Have a safe trip!