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Monday, January 21, 2013


The gang
I started celebrating on Friday for my 63rd birthday on Saturday.  Good plan, eh?  Sally Douglas needed help at her Lucky Ewe with worming her big sheep and Wayne had Friday off.  So we worked dogs, then wormed sheep and then went out to lunch.  Great fun!
Saturday was the Antelope Valley Stockdog Club's play day, meeting, potluck, membership drive.  Wayne and I took all 5 dogs over to Task Farms because it was a beautiful sunny day.  Xena and Trouble enjoyed sitting out in the sun and going on a few walks.  The only one that was missing was Champ.  I will drive 6 hours north next week to go see how he is doing with Suzy Applegate.  I called her this weekend and gave her my down and walk-up whistles on her phone.  Next week I can give her my flanks in person.
Saturday was a lovely day, but I didn't get enough down time to visit.  I always seemed to have to be doing something.  Lunch was fabulous, the meeting was short and sweet and everyone sang Happy Birthday to me (and Yoko).  Everyone had lots of time to work their dogs in the field, round pens or arenas.  The ewes with their lambs were absolutely adorable in the back field.  The sun was shining and the lambs and ewes were leaping with joy.
In the afternoon, we ran a barrel race for those who wanted to compete.  It was just like a ladies horse barrel racing.  It was timed and with timed faults if a sheep missed going around the barrel.  I think everybody had a great time.  I was first up and took a wrong turn around a barrel and kilt lost her very baaaaaaad set of lambs to the back of the arena.  We ended up retiring.  Jean and Tug got that same set later on in the day and ended up retiring, too.  Then, I didn't feel so badly.  Kyle Clark took first, Yoko was second and Hiroko, third.
Old Jet wanted to play.  He went to pick up his sheep (the advanced handler couldn't leave the start/finish line.  His sheep ran into the exhaust corner and Jet held them in the corner.  He has been doing a lot of holding off the feeders, so I'm sure he thought, "I've got them."  He couldn't hear me, so I ran up the arena and helped him.  I ran the barrel course with him fetching sheep to me as I ran the barrels.  My God, it almost killed me, but he thought he was Fabulous.  You should have seen the grin on his face!  Wayne was judging and Erin was timing.  Wayne was having a ball making fun of me ...with comments like "I think we need a defibrillator, does someone have an oxygen bottle, etc.  I'm not sure if they were comments meant for both Jet and me, but that would have been on the right track.  LOL
This Thursday I am going to a Social Security seminar(just to remind me of how old I am)  There is a free dinner afterwards so it didn't take much to twist my younger husband's arm to go along :0)
Onward and Upward....
P.S. Google still has not fixed blogger.  My computer won't let me download Google Chrome which they say will fix the problem :0(  The problem still exists if I use the Internet.  I think Wayne is shopping.  This is good.  Notices from Blogger say they are still trying to fix the problem.  And, when I try to download a photo from Picassa, only random bunches of photos come up leaving me very little to choose from....sigh.

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Karen said...

Sounds like a lot of fun,fun days!
Too bad no one had videoed you and Jet and Wayne's commentary:)