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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Whidbey Island visit

Krista, Dustin, and Judge (on their back porch)
Dustin was on a 3 week leave from Japan.  I had 4 days off mid-week from work.  Quickly, I contacted the kids to see if I could come visit.  Krista, her son, and the animals (Doberman and the parrot) are all moving to Japan in January.  Dustin is flying back to Japan this Monday.  It had been a couple of years since I had seen my son and it will be a couple more years before I see him again.  I was so thankful to have the opportunity for a short visit.

But, that was a heck of a step up into his 4X4 Silverado.  I had to do it about a dozen times.  I put my suitcase next to the door so you can see how high I had to step up.  Good thing I'm just shy  of 5' 10."

Krista and Judge just lying around before bedtime.  Krista is wonderful, bright, pretty, funny, loves animals, works hard, and cooks.  Dustin, you're a lucky man.  And, she likes good beer.  Krista introduced me to Colorado's Easy Street Wheat Beer.  How could I ask for a better daughter-in-law?
Judge...you are a BIG pussycat of a Doberman.  Krista rescued Judge several years ago when he was 5 yrs. old.  He is a lucky dog.  He is going to Japan with them.
This is Bilbo Baggins.  Dustin has had him for about 12 years, I think. Birds scare me.  Bilbo has a large vocabulary.  He sings 'Rockytop.'  He laughs and is fairly appropriate with the phrases he says.  He yells loudly when Dustin leaves the room.  Once when Dustin was overseas he was so distraught he ate two of his toes off.  Bilbo is going to Japan, too.  Krista is going to carry him on the plane.  She's a brave woman.  I wonder if they make Birdie downers? My son is very, very careful with Bilbo.  That damn bird is in his will to go to me.  I told Krista to have it changed to go to her. :0)

This is the Mukilteo ferry. We took it over to the mainland to go to lunch at Ivars.  YUM. Sockeye Salmon.  It was the best.
Jonathan Livingston seagull watched us as we had lunch.

Krista is working 4 days a week at Cozy's, a tavern right next to the ferry.
We got her to work on time and it gave Dustin and I a chance to play a few games of eight ball.  A gal came by and pointed to my son saying, "Look out for him, he cheats."  I said, "It's okay, I know, I'm his mother."  :0)

I walked one misty morning at Joseph Whidbey park.  I have taken my dogs here when I went to The Whidbey Island Classic Stockdog trial.  In fact, Yoko qualified for the nursery finals at the Whidbey trial that year.  Lots of driftwood along the beach.
Yoko when she was 2 yrs. old standing on some driftwood at Joseph Whidbey park. :0)

I found a driftwood fort, complete with hammock.  Way cool!

A jet flying from the Naval base over Joseph Whidbey park.
Next to the park, some houses with pretty reflections in the water.

I got this picture with my self timer.  I was laughing, because I had to run back to the camera to turn the flash on and then run back to where my son was standing.  It turned out pretty neat.  I just missed the Bald eagle that flew over our heads!

Dustin and I spent one afternoon just walking around Oak Harbor.

The ducks started flying as we neared and I got a pretty good picture of them.
While shopping, this kitty jumped from a table up onto Dustin's shoulder!
I made a purchase at that antique store...a sign for my van :0)
Two outta three ain't bad.....

We did a little shopping in the quaint shops in town.  After shopping we went to a Mexican restaurant where I had the best mole sauce ever.  Who'da thunk...on Whidbey Island!
I am sooooo proud of my son.  Two years and a few months and he can retire from the Navy.
Homeward bound....California here I come.

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