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Friday, December 14, 2012

Old Dogs

Xena has been losing a lot of muscle mass.  She has been just lying around, hardly doing anything.  Yes, it's hard to be 14 yrs. old, but use it or lose it.  The other night she was standing in the dark in the middle of the stairs.  I encouraged her to turn around on the stairs and go up to our bedroom.  She complied and her hindquarters gave out on her.  I had to give her a few shoves to her backside to help her.  I told Wayne that we need to regularly walk her now.  Her muscles have atrophied just like a patient on bed rest.  I get many chronic back pain patients that lie around in bed.  Nothing could be worse for you.  Moving has been shown to decrease pain.  I should know ;0)  I have the most messed up spine around.  Multiple surgeons have wanted to operate on my lumbar and cervical spine.  Avoid surgery at all costs if you can. You know from experience that when your dog is lame it usually takes them a good six weeks to three months to heal.  We give our dogs time to heal;  same thing should be given to humans.  Time heals...mentally and physically.
Jet and Xena on their walk around the property
Jet having some "ball time" in the back yard.
He is excited because he knows I'm about to feed the sheep.  It is his job to go with me to feed in the morning.  He looks forward to it!

While I get their feed, Jet holds them in the barn (kind of...LOL...the door is closed).  Buffy head butts the gate and I hear Jet bark at her.  Good dog, Jet.  Fearless :0)

While I clean their barn, Jet keeps a close watch on the sheep while they eat.
Isn't he beautiful?  I think so.

After cleaning the barn, Jet runs over to the gate to open it for me.  All of my gates have little nylon ties on them, so the dogs will have a job.

Good dog Jet.  Such great manners, opening the door for me.
Thank-you very much.

That is Jet's "Are you going to say POLES?"  He wants to weave.
When it is Jet's time to go, I will bury a set of weave poles with him.
Xena stands back and applauds at his enthusiasm :0)

Tunnel Xena!

"Xena, do you want to go for a walk?"  That would be a BIG WOOF!
xena strolling up our side driveway.

This is 'Bear Highway' behind out agility arena.  The firemen cleared it during one of our close forest fires.  The bears said, 'Thank-you very much.'  :0)  It's uphill, but not terribly steep.

That's our house down the trail.  This was a bit too steep for Xena to do anymore.  I could see her 'hocks' flexing.  She will have to go back down the hill next time on Bear Highway.  No more coming down this way.

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