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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Holiday Dilemma

Hmmmmm  We are getting OLD.  We can't seem to make up our minds this year.  Actually, we are HALF ready to go to Jalama beach for Christmas.  Nothing is better than Christmas at the beach.  Weather will be "iffy"....chances of showers and wind every day, but that has never stopped us in the past.  We have a 1/4 cord of wood ready to take.

I think I know what the problem is.  We are never HOME together except in the evenings after work.  I am ALWAYS on the go.  Now, even though the food is bought, the wood is ready...we are kind of thinking of backing out this year. 

The place I was going to drop off my sheep had something get into their sheep and rip the throat out of one of them.  Scratch that idea.  Sally thoughtfully said we could drop them off at her place some 50 min away in the high desert with her sheep.  Toying with that idea.  I probably could find someone in town to feed them and they can stay safe and sound right here.

Five dogs is absolutely no problem for us to live with in the toy hauler.  Six, including Champ...well a one year old pup presents a bit more work for us.  See....we are getting old.  We are already thinking....rain....Champ bouncing off the walls, ugh.....Hmmmmmm.

And, since we are rarely home together we are thinking that we might be able to get LOTS done if we actually stayed home together.  But, I'm thinking that Wayne's list and my list probably differ.  LOL  He said if I make a list of things we really need to do together he will make it a reality.  Kind of his Christmas present to me.  That is very tempting.

I will have to work the Holidays next year.  It's a give and take thing at the hospital.  Almost all of the time I ask off for is for stockdog trials.  It is rare for Wayne and I to take off together.  The beach is a chance for him to relax and sleep in...kind of.  This man still worries about the fur kids and gets up at all hours if he thinks one needs to go outside to potty, etc.  Me,....well, that's a different story.  You are out before I go to bed and don't go again until I get up.  But, the dogs have Wayne figured out.

Wayne said, we could hike every morning or afternoon if we stay home.  That is tempting.  We have the loft that is 6 feet high with junk that we really need to go through together.  I think Wayne is voting to stay home.  I'll have to unplug the TV. :0)  I'm kind of a wanderer....I could be on the road 365 days of the year.  So, what's it going to be? Hmmmmm. We haven't decided yet. Staying home is tempting, but every beautiful day I will say, "Damn, I wish we were at Jalama." 

Update:  I think we have settled on doing BOTH. A few days at home on each side of our time off.  We will truck up to the beach on Christmas Eve.  I like that idea :0)


Karen said...

I think you made the best decision. Hope you have a great time at the beach, and get lots done, together, at home:)

gvmama said...

Yeah...I agree. More relaxing for all of us that way.