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Monday, December 3, 2012

Desert time

Loaded up and took the dogs to the desert today with a friend.
The clouds have been absolutely amazing in the high desert over the last few days.  It has been raining at home and beautiful 20 min. way in the desert.  Weird.
Here is our home.  Notice our skies are a bit different. :0)  Light rain and a misty fog.  Actually, we are very thankful.
Thankful, except for Sunday when i judged an AKC herding trial.  It was cold, windy and wet.  I went through 3 winter coats, 2 rain slickers, and 2 borrowed scarves.  Brrrr.....I look like Big Foot with wet scraggly hair.  I had fun.  I hope the competitors did, too.
This is Beth's Hula.  What a lovely dog she is.  She is trying to convince the sheep to come out of the stock trailer to play with her.


Imagine being able to work sheep in such a lovely area.  It is well worth the hassle of loading up the sheep and driving them out.  It takes my breath away how QUIET it is out there.  I am in LOVE with this part of the desert.
Clouds hovering over the Tehachapi mountain range.

This was taken the day before when Wayne and I decided the BCs needed to go on a hike in the desert.  Every few minutes the cloud formations would change.

The sun behind a veil of clouds.

I could just lie on the ground and watch and listen and take everything in.
What a fabulous place to meditate.
There are several areas in the desert where the ground is different from the rest of the vast area.  Wayne is sure that the mother space ship is landing here in these huge circles.

All of the photos I took of Yoko this day had 'orbs' or something in them.  When she was with the other dogs they didn't appear.  But, I have 4 photos of her by herself with them.

Insert Twilight Zone music here.  Wayne says this is a laser beam examining Yoko. Wayne is a BIG Sci-Fi buff.  :0)   I blew this up so we could take a better look.

Ready to head back home.  Don't want to be abducted!  Not yet, anyway.


Karen said...

Beautiful scenery, and I especially like the photo of the three dogs laid down.
The aliens are just biding their time:)
Looks like you were shooting directly into the sun with Yoko, and it was fairly low judging by the length of the shadows. (But the alien idea is more fun!)

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Wayne! We also are big Sci-Fi buffs.