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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Champ has been on every body's shit list of late.  He just has been an annoying pre-teen.  I keep telling him he better watch out, Santa isn't going to bring him anything.

He ate my best trial chair.  Do you think he was mad that HIS photo isn't on it?
He also ate my Ariat boot shoe laces.  It's hard to find replacements for them.

It take a lot to piss off old Jet. 
Champ reminds me of Alfred E. Neuman...'What?  Me Worry?'

Jet says, "Yeah...you Kid."

"Are you getting my message?"
Champ has a new scar in the middle of his blaze between his eyes.  It's a pretty good gash.  He ran into a metal umbrella holder for our picnic table at warp speed.  It's a long way from his heart, but awfully close to his brain!
I took him to the desert and I will say this for him.  He did a fine job working extremely light sheep.  It was the first time the sheep had been to the desert this year and they were more like antelope :0)
When I say "See Sheep" he does his 'karate' I'm READY pose.  But, he is easy to call off with a "That'll do."  I walked him around an AHBA trial last Friday and he did a fine job OFF lead.  He loves everything and everyone.  He is a bit whiny about the other dogs, because he thinks he is Don Juan to ALL.  Maybe, he has a bit more testosterone than I'd like :0)

My sheep are too FAT and out of condition.  They need work, but not too much in the beginning.  I have two old ones in with my five youngins.  They are pretty hearty.  I think they enjoyed their outing.  Hope so, because we are going out again tomorrow to the desert.

Champ, Yoko, and Kilt watching Beth and Hula work their sheep.
Champ knows he will get a turn and he is learning to be a gentleman most of the time while he waits.  Waiting is very difficult for an 11 mo. pup.  I tie out my dogs to the truck on heavy cable leads.
Kilt is a bit notorious for breaking cable leads.  She can get pretty excited.  Today, her son followed in her footsteps.  Yoko was loading the sheep into the stock trailer (or about to load them) when a black blur almost knocked me down.  I didn't know what happened, Yoko didn't know what happened and the sheep, sure as shoot didn't know what happened.
Champ busted his cable and in one nano second loaded those sheep himself.  Good thing I have good reflexes and I was able to close the trailer doors in less than a nano second.



Karen said...

Ha, ha, ha, he's keeping you on your toes!!

DeltaBluez Tess said...

Good loading Champ!