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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy Trails

Fall colors on the Kern River
Once in awhile Xena will put herself in a crate to sleep.

Trouble sleeps about anywhere, but when it is time to go to bed, she is under the covers curled up next to me. 

Early cold morning.  Trouble has her hoodie on.  Even though we don't have a side-out this toy hauler works for us and the dogs.  It has 3 beds...two electric queens and a queen sized bed up front.

Someone said she looks like a deranged sock puppet.  LOL  Kind of.

Kilt has her crazy eyes going on here.  She likes to sleep with me.

Begging for something
Kilt checking out what is going on outside.

Champ and Trouble both have their sweatshirts on.
Champ is the only one who sleeps in a crate.  He hasn't earned our trust yet :0)
We keep 4 crates in the back of the trailer and 2 in the truck.

Wayne is making the bed and Jet can't wait.  Jet is pretty set in his ways now and he ONLY wants to sleep in this bed which has stairs to it for him to use.  He is wagging his tail watching Wayne make the bed.

Jet says, "This is the life."

Our two BIGGEST beggars.  Yoko and Trouble
Yoko is no problem.  She is set in her ways like her Dad, Jet.  She sleeps under the couch, always has.
Good morning.

Xena and Trouble like to lie around on the sheepskin.

Champ is thinking that 'this' chair is 'just' right.
I never tire of looking at the river :0)   Until we meet again.



Karen said...

Yep, Trouble begging in that purple hoody....well she's just a bit creepy:)

the river looks lovely with the blue skies and fall colours.

gvmama said...

She can sit like a minature T-Rex for a looooong time. I think that is her most comfortable position.

Doree said...

So good to see her back to "normal". LOL

Great photos!!