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Friday, December 28, 2012

A Christmas to remember

We pulled in Sunday night of the 23rd and had our choice of the best beach sites.  The beach at Christmas time is our favorite time of the year to go.  The skies, the shells, the weather......we love winter time at the beach.

Yoko got some running in, that's for sure.  She is our BIRD dog.

14 year old Xena agreed....a Christmas to remember :0)

Wayne strolling with the 3 old dogs.  Notice the crowds of people?  Haha

The sky changes every few hours; sometimes every few minutes.

Jet was watching the ducks in the tributary when I took this beautiful photo of him.
He would look at the ducks and then look to me, asking, "Well, do you want me to fetch them to you?"  Naw, just stand there and look gorgeous for 12 1/2 yrs. old.  Best dog ever :0)

Wayne fishing with Jet close by

Trouble being silly....anything for a cookie.

This was taken on Christmas eve.  Sunday, when we arrived we got everything all set up and then it rained all night long.  We were thankful it waited until we were all ready for the rain.  And, actually it rained a few more times, but only late at night.  Perfect.

The walk down to Tarantula Point... well known to the surfers in the area.
You can walk for miles with your dogs at Jalama.  Jalama in Chumash means Big Winds.  Luckily, we didn't have any this trip. 

Champ says, "I'm all about camping now."  Champ has been to the beach quite a few times, but he had never camped at the beach.  He was a pretty good boy.  I only had to 'sweep the sand' with him on a couple of  occasions.  The first time, I told him to kennel, he ran back out to the ocean.  The other dogs in the kennel were quietly smiling and watching.  Champ was joyfully running in the waves without a care in the world.  Until.....one step, one step....I quietly walked towards him, hunted him down, and brought him back to our camp site by his collar without saying a word.  We had a face to face talking (whappa whappa, you little son of a gun, who do you think you are)....something along those lines and he kenneled every time we said 'kennel' after that. The old dogs wagged. :0)
And this would be their kennel.  We can walk it right into the toy hauler.  Plus, we keep 4 crates in the toy hauler for rainy weather and at nights.  Wayne put a tarp around 3 sides to keep any wind or weather off of them.  They were pretty cozy.  And, they were all better behaved than most of the campers with one or two dogs.
The sign on their kennel says, "Old Dog, Young Dog, Several Stupid Dogs, Please drive slowly :0)

Wayne put up a small tree and our red and green shotgun shell Christmas tree lights.

The four Flamingos we bought for $4.00 at the Kern River where we went for Thanksgiving.  We found them still in the back of the diesel. They made a good decoration for our beach site. :0)

Pretty Kilt, loving every minute of the beach.
The clouds were so awesome.  I have a few photos that look like Van Gogh
was up there in heaven still using his paint brush.  It felt like I was in HEAVEN.
I took time to pay my respects to my deceased mother and father.  I most definitely took time to be "still" and to be "thankful."
I have many more photos, but need to look through them.  More to come in the days ahead.  I hope you enjoy them. 


Karen said...

What a wonderful way to spend Christmas!
Love the sign on your dog kennel, ha ha:)

Chris Murphy said...

Suzanne, I so enjoy your blog and the photos you post. You seem to create an exciting, happy environment and it's fun to peek into your life.
Chris xo

gvmama said...

Thank-you. I try my darndest to live life to the fullest :0). One of these days I might buy a better camera, but for now a small digital that fits in my back pocket works for me.