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Sunday, December 30, 2012

From Friday at the beach to this...

Champ is thinking....Hey this isn't the beach.  I see sheep!
We came back a few days early.  I knew Terry was having a fun day with free sheep work and lunch at his ranch.  Plus, I knew after just having a total knee replacement he would need a little help.
What the heck is this?  Champ kept shaking the snow off his head.  We asked the weather Gods for no wind today.  We didn't have wind; instead, we had snow.

Mama Kilt didn't mind.  I didn't mind either except I didn't even have any gloves or mittens with me.

This yearling lamb didn't want to play in the snow.  Kilt is quietly trying to convince her she should join the others.

Catching snowflakes on our tongues :0)
I'm thinking it is time for me to get packed up.  I have a rather large grade to get over to make it back home.  The snow is starting to stick.

Terry, the owner of TASK FARMS along with Colleen.  Very fun twosome.

Teri working her Terv in the round pen.

Me and Kathy just finishing up a great lunch.  The pot luck was excellent.

Keeping warm around the fire pit.
That'll do Kilt.  We are packing it in for the day :0) 
Time for a warm cozy house and a fire in our fire place.

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Karen said...

Even though they have a great time at the beach, there's certain dogs of yours that are even happier to see the sheep I'll bet! And that last picture is great, although not how I generally picture California:)