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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving on the Kern (Part 1)

With all of the 'changes' in our lives this year from my father passing away. my son being deployed to Japan, my grandson getting married: It was time for something familiar, something we knew and loved. It was time for Thanksgiving on the Kern river. We needed a little comfort.
We needed to be in familiar surroundings; a roaring fire place, pine trees whistling in the breeze, roaring river and smiling faces that we have come to know at McNallys on the Kern.

The weather forecast was perfect. Low 30's. Upper 20s at night and somewhere in the 60's during the day. No rain forecasted meant no snow and ice to us. Normally we camp 20 min south of McNally's at Corral Creek, but this year we decided to camp next to McNallys at their Fairview campground. Sometimes their Fairview campground is closed early due to inclement weather. This year it will close Monday after Thanksgiving weekend.

When taking 6 dogs, I put 3 crates in the back of the diesel and 3 crates in the toy hauler. The only newcomer to the Kern this year is Champ. Thankfully, he is a pretty good traveler. When traveling down the road Trouble is in the front seat with us. Kilt and Jet ride in the back seat. Yoko and Champ ride in crates in the back of the truck while old Xena has a big cedar bed to sleep on. The old dogs get too stiff in crates for long rides. Kilt doesn't ride in a crate because she barks in a crate. Yoko rides in a crate because she will pace in the back of the truck looking for cows. One has to know their dogs to be able to do the logistics. LOL Champ, thankfully, just goes with the flow. The old dogs are no bother at all; that would be 14 yr. old Xena and 12 yr old Jet and 10 yr old Trouble. Kilt is 8 years old and we classify her with the young dogs. She looks and acts like she is two. 
Finally, we get on the road at about 10:30. We make a stop in Mohave for diesel. As we progress north we start rounding the curves into Red Rock Canyon. We always stop here. The rock formations are awesome. Plus, it's a nice half way stop for the dogs to get out and stretch their legs. Everybody was up for a few photos.

Red Rock Canyon

We got to the campground around 2 pm. We found a nice site under a pine tree close enough to the river to hear it. Our site is large and private enough for 6 dogs. Insert big smiley face here. By the time we get leveled, all of our gear out and arranged, it was a quarter of 4. I reserved our Thanksgiving dinner at McNally's at 4. Fast change, we left a few good dogs in the trailer and took 3 in the diesel to the restaurant which was in walking distance from our trailer. :0).

The river in front of our camp site
Pretty dry and warm this year

This year we sat at a different table than in years past. Our waitress wasn't Mercedes this year either. Well, we best start getting used to 'change. Normally we have wild turkey, pheasant, and quail with all of the trimmings. This year they changed it up to wild turkey, quail, and prime rib with all of the trimmings. I was so happy when I ordered my bloody Mary that it was the best Bloody Mary ever, just like it always has been in the past! I'm still trying to hold onto the familiar.

Thanksgiving feast
It was a fine meal. Afterwards we took Jet for a stroll across the suspension bridge and strolled around the grounds while it was still light.

Home of the 40 oz. Porterhouse :0)
The suspension bridge at McNally's

Jet loving being here.  Me, too.

The Kern River (North fork)

Wayne and I, after dinner, enjoying a few drinks by the fireplace.
See the western motif behind us?  They have cases of them.
Close up of one of them.  They are very detailed.
Part 2 coming soon :0)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. As always, beautiful photos. You guys look great! Looking forward to Part 2.

Karen said...

You have a wonderful Thanksgiving tradition, in a lovely location!