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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hiking in the Sierras

How nice was it that it was in the mid 60's while we were up at the Kern River.  Many times we are unable to get to the high Sierras and the Trail of the 100 Giants (Redwoods) because of snow and ice.  Though, when we are up there in the snow, the whole area takes on a magical look.  Ice sickles hang from large boulders and everything looks clean and fresh.  Just the same, I was pleased to be able to take in the fall colors and warm hiking weather this year. 
Our first hike was a bit off the road into the woods.  We kind of pushed old Xena and Trouble, but they weathered the trail fairly well.  We just have to watch the youngin's (Yoko, Kilt, and Champ) so they don't run over the old dogs.  We made a few stops for group photos. 
What I noticed about this photo was that the 3 youngin's.....Kilt, Champ, and Yoko all have their tongues hanging out.  The 3 eldest have been just strolling and are chilling in this photo.

My goal this trip was to get a nice photo of 14 yr. old Xena.  She stopped to rest on a log. I like this picture of her.  What a fabulous dog she is!  Never a lame step and all she asks for is a pet and her dinner.  Xena is irreplaceable.  We know her days are numbered, but we sure would like to see her make 15 yrs. old next year. :0)

Everyone pretty darn happy to be on the trail. 

Wayne hasn't aged much over the years.... 55 yrs. old and still looking good.  I'd like to roll back a few years and be 55 again.  LOL

Kilt, the show off.  She picked up that sprig of fir and posed.  I think I will make this our Christmas card this year.  What a scene stealer she is.  Gosh, I love this dog.
Gnarled roots on the Trail of the 100 Giants

Trouble and Yoko stop for a photo on this log.

Looking up at a Redwood.....waaaaaay up.

Me and Troubie take a break for a moment.  Trouble is getting as grey as I am.
I'm happy to be 63 yrs. old in January.  Trouble will be 11 in May. 

Trouble loves to run up fallen tree trucks.  I couldn't resist this picture.

Mother/son.  See the sprig of fir?  I asked Champ to pick it up, but he was a dork and jumped off the log.  Kilt, of course, picked it up and posed for that photo several pics above.

Kilt stopped for a quick rest with old Xena.  Kilt worries about Xena and is extraordinarily loving to her.  She is almost like Xena's personal care giver.  She cleans her eyes and watches over her.
Here go the young dogs.  Get out of their way.  Champ is a flying and Yoko is right behind him!

After hitting the trail, Xena and Trouble opted to sleep in the truck while we took the four Border Collies on the Trail of the 100 Giants.  Champ was a bit of a pain in the ass, because quite a few people and dogs were on the walk.  But, the only way he will get better is to work with him, no matter how much trouble he is.  I keep telling Wayne that.  One has to make the effort.  Haha

This appears to be Yoko on the fly!

This picture was right before Champ jumped off the log.  Kilt has already picked up her sprig of fir.  I'm sure she was quite pleased that HE was out of the picture.  She loves her son, but what really matters is "It's all about her."
Just an interesting peak along the trail.  Gosh, we wished we had about 4-5 more days at the Kern.  We could have reached all of the meadows to hike. It takes a full day to do Chimney Peak and Kennedy Meadows, one of our most favorite places to hike.  There weren't enough hours for us to do it this time on a long weekend.  We needed a bit of down time to play cribbage and just chill around the campfire.

Six next to a rather large boulder.  Champ is pretty funny looking (to me).  Many people say he is handsome.  I think he is rather odd looking, myself.  He would look better if he had some fur! He has medium bone, a big ol head and a skinny ass with hip bones sticking out, plus wierd white markings on his chest.  Anyway, he's part of the family. :0)

Looking small against the mushroom-like boulder.

Father/daughter resting at the Trail of the 100 Giants.  They (forestry) kind of wrecked this walk for us.  We have been coming here for years when there was NO cement walk way, handicapped friendly, etc.  We used to hike up here in the Redwoods in the snow when NOT a soul was around.  You could hear every twig snap.  It was so awesome.  Alas...we are old.  Things change.  Now, it's a bit of a tourist walk.

Trunks of 3 redwoods fused together.

This gives you an idea how small we appear!
I caught a pic of Jet in his usual pose, paws crossed. 
Such a pretty dog, isn't he?
Next installment (blog) will be "water dogs on the Kern"  :0)


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Suzanne. Beautiful!

Karen said...

What a lovely place for a walk! I'm with you on the paved trail, it just seems so out of place surrounded by so much natural beauty.
I can see the dogs had a great time.