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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Whoa....so melancholy this week with Thanksgiving around the corner.  I was even a bit tearful at work off and on.  That is so unlike me.  Usually, I am smiling and humming from 7a to 7p.  I love my work...always have.
But, my folks house SOLD and CLOSED...I swear, in less than a week.  The people who purchased their house sold their other home on Sailfish point (Florida) and purchased Mom and Pop's place for cash.  Thankfully, they are in their early 70's and the wife LOVED the house just as much as my mother did.  We were thankful that someone didn't come along to buy it cheaply to resell it later in a better market.  It just made us feel better that the lady of the house loved it as much as our Mom. 
They moved in on the day it closed.  My brother told me that the day the new owners moved in there was a HUGE rainbow in the sky that started somewhere over in Jensen Beach and ended right in the middle Captain's Cove....the water in front of Mom and Pop's home.  He saw it as a sign from our folks "Job well done kids."

When I called my brother and his wife, they were already on the road on Tuesday headed to the next chapter in their lives.  It seems that Linda's folks have an empty house in Halsted, Kansas that Jim and Linda can live in until they find a place to live.  They want to be close to their children in Texas.  They have always loved Texas.
Jim and Linda spent almost 4 years of their lives caring for Pop until he passed away.  I am so blessed.  We had the greatest parents in the world.   I will miss my twice yearly visits to Florida.  My greatest accomplishments in my life other than the birth of my son was being able to be with both of my parents when they passed.  I was in the arms of my mother when she died and I was in the arms of my father when he passed.  I would have it no other way.  They brought me into this world and I was with both when they left the world as we know it.
A few tears now and then through this Holiday Season.....but, I will move on with the next chapter in my life, too.  It's not easy getting older, is it?


Karen said...

You are right on the not easy getting older part:(
You have great memories of your parents, that's the important thing.

Karen said...

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Suzanne, for these fond and good memories of our Great Uncle Bill Bew. We love you.
Aunt Jeanette
and your seven cousins,
Captain Bill Bew (named after your Pop)
David F. Bew II
Diane, Bonnie, marie, Betsy, Bobbi