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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Scott Glen clinic

The weather was perfect.  A bit chilly for Saturday, but I like it that way.  A little rain, but not much.  The fog laid low amongst the mountains.  Very pretty.

This is me telling Trip what a good boy he is.  Trip is the sweetest dog ever.  Hard to believe he is a son of Kilt. :0)  He tries so hard to be right.  He just doesn't want to be wrong.  I think he had a good weekend sleeping over with Champ and Kilt.  He hiked at least twice a day, learned not to body slam my dogs or me and learned to follow without a leash.

This is the "other" brother.....Champ.  Looking rather innocent there, isn't he?  Doubtful.

My camera had something on the lens and I didn't get any good pics of the three of them :0(  This is the best I got on one of our hikes.

Early Sunday morning we went on an hour hike before the clinic began.  We were up in the clouds.

Champ with a cigar.  Hard to get a pic of this pup without a stick in his mouth.

Trip at the clinic.  Trip has an IMMEDIATE down, but he has less intensity about working (at this moment)....May all change in a matter of weeks or months.  Unfortunately, Scott took sick with food poisoning or the flu and the 2nd day of the clinic had to be canceled. :0(
Trip did learn how to come off of stock with a "that'll do" after a bit of a fiasco the first few tries. :0)

The brother's shelter during the weather.  Do not fear.  They slept inside my van with me at night.

And, this is what they did....hours of  just being boys!  Kilt and I were both so over them.  Ha!

They got to do lots of this.  Hours of running. Good for them.  Good for me.

Champ and mother Kilt take a wee break.  The ranch is in the background.  That dirt is not a landing pad...it's the field.  The arena is on the left in front of the field.

Mr. 'eye of the tiger' working in the clinic.  It's been 4 years since I have started a pup.  I forgot to make it UNCOMFORTABLE for him to be wrong.  Funniest clinic moment is when Scott flung a water bottle at Champ for being incorrect.  He picked up the bottle and proceeded to finish his outrun stopping on balance with the water bottle between his teeth.  The second time Scott flung a water bottle at Champ, he missed.  Champ went over and picked it up for him.  I believe Scott's words were, "I'll be damned."  Champ is a bit of a comedian like his mother.
Anyway, I got the help I needed.  Yea.
Sure hope Scott is on the mend.  We loved working with him.


Jenny Glen said...

I am SO sorry the second half of the clinic was canceled! Scott has never had to do that before (and he has worked through some bad illnesses before) but he just couldn't continue today. One of his guardian angels up in Seattle got him some meds and he is slowly improving.
I hope you were able to get a little bit out of it. So funny about Champ and the bottle!

Karen said...

Oh that would be kind of frustrating to have the second day of the clinic cancelled. Hope Scott recovered quickly.

Champ and Kilt, like mother like son:)

gvmama said...

Yes, no doubt, like mother, like son. Funny boy, he is. We were going to put him in the field Sunday. I regret not being able to have Scott by my side for that. But, he helped me remember a few things I forgot. My hardest thing with him will be stopping him (just like his mother).