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Friday, November 30, 2012

Water dogs on the Kern River

Yoko is our only "real" water dog.  Kilt will swim, only because she will not be outdone when it comes to anything.  But, Yoko is all about water.  I bet she would be a sensational dock diving dog.  I'm still urging Wayne to try it with her!
Yoko with stick.  Sun shining on water.  Happy Yo.

Yoko fishing for something.

This rock was slippery to get on.

Yoko liked to leap off the rock into the water.  She did it many times.
Kilt pretending to have fun.  "Look, I have the stick.  I am the winner."

"Dang, this is alot of work for a stick."

"Look, I'm the best, the most clever, I win."

8 yr. old Kilt drying off in the trailer.
It looks like Mr. Bear is patting her for a job well done :0)
I took Champ down to the river at first by himself.
I wanted him to be able to check it out without feeling the need to be competitive
(like his mother)

Champ is not crazy about water either.  But, he loves a good stick.

Logger-head.  You win.  That's the biggest prize, by far.

As soon as I let him play with the other dogs, he ventured a bit deeper, but did not swim.  I think he got a little past his elbows.  Scary.

All 4 Border Collies ambushing Yoko for her stick.
Jet never was much of a swimmer, either.  Of course, the Lab is a great swimmer.  She doesn't leave a ripple in the water as she swims.  We did not let Xena swim in the river, because it was too COLD for her old bones.  And, Trouble...well, she would rather DIE than get her feet wet. :0)


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Karen said...

It's interesting how all the dogs react differently to the water. Ours are the same.
Calli is the one mostly likely to swim for the sake of swimming. Jake would retrieve something until he turned into an ice block. Luna is the most likely to lay in the water if she is hot, but if the water is cold she will retrieve for a while, and then will stop.