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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Heaven Help Us

You think?
This is one BUSY boy coming up on 9 months tomorrow.  This pup is rock solid muscle and has enough energy for all of us.  I am so glad that Suzy is going to start him for me.  Because if I thought Kilt was tough, I think I would have met my match with Champ.  He has a lot of eye, moves with any movement, and has very little impulse control. The good thing is that he settles 'somewhat' in the evenings in the house or else I might have found a ranch home for him.  Still may...remains to be seen.  He constantly is eyeing up his mother and I hate that.
He has been fussing over Mark, the handyman, who is doing odds and ends around our place for us.  Thank God for Mark with both of us working.  Plus, Mark ignores the dogs and all of them love him EXCEPT knucklehead Champ.  Even Yoko insists on a hug from Mark every morning he arrives.  That tells you he is a good person.  Champ doesn't think so.  I think Mark is too quiet for Champ.  Champ isn't exactly quiet.  He growls and barks and I have to go out back and tell him to be quiet over and over.  I have been leaving him loose out back with Mark in hopes he will settle down on his own.  I told Mark just to watch his back.  I have caught Champ trying to heel him.  Well, the other day Champ bit him in the back of his leg.  Mark told him he was a bad dog and he went and laid clear across the yard for most of the day.  That was good.  That showed me that some part of his brain is working.  Mark and I chatted about him.  I told Mark he needs to tell Champ to "Knock it off" in a gruff voice.  Mark said, "You mean when he starts to circle me."  "That's exactly what I mean.  Don't even allow him to circle you.  Tell him to knock it off and GET."  We will see how that works today.
I'm not too worried about it other than not wanting Mark to quit (LOL).  Yoko was much worse as a pup.  I couldn't trust her with strange people.  Even though Yo has a bunch of friends, she will still catch a stranger in the heels if she is so inclined.  I have to remember this is her half brother.  Funny, though, their mother LOVES everyone...to a fault.  She would jump in a strange truck and leave with anyone.  I can tell you this.....no one will ever steal Yoko or Champ.  That's for sure.
Mother and son waiting to go outside
Good News:  When Mark arrived this morning, Champ barked and carried on a bit.  Mark told him to "Knock it off."  Champ shut up and came over and sat next to him.  Mark gave him a pat on the head. Thank goodness for small miracles.  I think Champ is developing a brain.  And, people wondered why I didn't start him on stock at an earlier age. :0)

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