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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Trouble (In paradise)

My cruise was FABULOUS...weather, side trips, food, etc.  But, I have no time to blog.  Got home to a very sad situation with Trouble.  While I was gone, she went downhill to the point of not being able to stand on her own.  Now, I had been watching her closely the week before I left.  She was hesitant to run the household like she usually does.  She passed on going out with all the dogs several times.  She just wanted to lie around.  I told Wayne to keep an eye on her before I left.
Several days after I left Wayne said she was "moping" around.  Come Sunday night she refused to get off our bed.  She couldn't get up.  She couldn't stand.  She was in severe pain, shaking from her head to her toes.

Monday, Wayne took her to our Vet thinking he would have to put her down.  She was dehydrated and received an IV, xrays, labs, a pain shot, etc. All her labs were normal.  We needed to rule out that she had gotten into anything toxic.  Her xrays showed her spinal disc arthritis and it looked bad mid back.  She has an extra rib and an extra lumbar vertebrae which probably doesn't help keep her in very good alignment.  That was the reason I had her spayed.  Because other than that, she is the smartest, neatest JRT one could ever hope to have!
I got home Saturday night and quite frankly she was in agony and didn't look like she was going to make it.  I had to work a 12 hour shift on Sunday.  I called in sick on Monday and took her back to the Vet.  We gave her a Decadron (steroid) injection and started her on prednisone instead of Rimadyl.  She is also on Robaxin and Ultram (Tramadol). The improvement from the shot was dramatic.  She actually walked some 10 steps by herself.  I saw her roached back relax into a straight top line for the first time.  She appeared more comfortable.  But, she is VERY depressed.
The good thing is that she has been continent.  She is only 10 years old.  She had a grandmother that lived into her early 20's!  She poops and pees when I stand her in the yard. 
I want to watch her closely as far as hydrating her and keeping her comfortable.  I have decided to take her to the sheepdog finals with me.  It was either that or stay at home with her.  I remembered that there will be a Vet on sight doing cold laser treatments.  I had a friend set up treatments for Trouble while I am there.  Plus, I have infrared heat treatments I can give her at night.  She is going to be hesitant to poop and pee there, but hopefully, we can work it out.  If she doesn't fare well, I can think about making an appt. at UC Davis on the way home.
When I get back next week....I hope to have time to catch up on my blog.  I have some awesome photos from our wine cruise and  most likely will get some good ones of the sheepdog finals.  Fingers crossed for trouble free traveling (no pun intended).  I should arrive in Oregon sometime tomorrow late afternoon if all goes well. :0)


Beth in Middletown, OH said...

Oh Suse, hate hearing this. Hopefully T will and can make a healthy comeback. Just breaks my heart when our babies are hurting. Have a fun, safe trip up north.

Karen said...

Thinking of Trouble and hoping all goes well with her!