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Monday, September 10, 2012

Beach Bums

I love the mountains, but my heart belongs to the sea.  I go to the beach, usually by myself, as much as I can. :0)  I always try to take whomever didn't accompany me the last time as far as my dog companions.  Today we had to drop Champ off at the Vet.  He had a little growth removed from his shoulder.  I wouldn't have noticed it if he had a long coat like Jet.  Anyway, since there were just going to use a local, Jet and I trucked on up the 101 until we got to Ventura harbor.  I knew Dr. Lidikay would take good care of Champ.
We have arrived.
The sign says 'Dogs on leash"   Well.........

I tried out my new Canon Powershot.  Of course, I didn't read the directions.  There is a surfer behind the seagull.  I was just checking to see what it was focusing on.

What a pretty boy :0)

I used the 20 X zoom.  It did pretty good.  I was pretty far away from this surfer.  Actually, I was on the "other" side of the jetty.

Jet did a little of his own bird watching.  He is such a beautifully structured dog.  Plus, he has such great feel on his stock.  I'm surprised no one was interested in using him at stud.  He had one litter by Kilt and we got some very nice stock dogs with Jet's good looks.  His mother is the same dam as Patrick's Shannahan's Riggs ( National Sheepdog Finals winner) and his sire was  Stormy Winter's Roy who was a really nice dog.  Also, a National Sheepdog Finals competitor. Plus, Jet's intelligence and biddability are second to none.   The only thing Jet lacked was power and that he was my very first Border Collie.  I trained him by myself.

My type of beach day.  Look at the crowds. LOL

Jet enjoying himself in the surf while I play with my camera.

Jet was lucky he didn't get pinched, because he uprighted Mr. Crab

Camera did okay with this 'bird' pic.  Not sure what to set it on for action yet.  I set the camera on 'live' thinking maybe that was for action.  I may have to break down and read the directions on line.  Sigh.
Heading back to the Harbor for lunch

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Karen said...

Yes, there is something very special about the ocean. From the age of 7 to 18 I lived just over a mile from it.
Great photos! My camera has the 20x zoom also, which I love.