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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday and stuff

Wayne and I had a great time at the Antelope Valley Fair this year.   Our big purchase was just that.....a BIG purchase.  We have been without a flag pole for the last few years.  The winds snapped the pole in two.  Well, this year we bought a 20 foot bronze flag pole with a life warranty.  Oh yea!  I can't wait until Wayne puts it up.  It holds not just one flag, but two flags if you will!  It was expensive, but well worth the money.
We went through all of the exhibits and livestock barns.  I stopped in to see the winning Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Angus steer be named.  I raised an Angus steer when I was in the 4H also.  His name was Bully 4-U.  He wasn't any Grand Champion, but hopefully, my folks got their money back. :0)

I have been watching the LaCamas trial scores.  I haven't seen all of the open scores, but I did get a peek of nine of the contenders for the double lift.  Lots of new handlers in the double lift this year.  That should make it very exciting.  I so wish I was there to watch.  Good friend, Bryan White took 2nd to Patrick Shannahan in the pro-novice class and Yoko's brother, Moses got into the top 10 with them.  Very good.  As I said, I didn't see all of the open scores posted so I'm not sure how Bryan did with Scoop on his 2nd go round in open.  It looks like the weather will be picture perfect and cool for the double lift.  Everyone should have a lovely time.  They have a covered tent and vendors plus it is such a beautiful setting.

Hopefully next year, I will be able to find more time to trial.  I miss the excitement and friendships
Lucky for me that I will be able to attend the finals as a spectator this year.  That should rev me up for next years trials.  It's just that sheep trials are so far and few in So. California.  It's makes it difficult to get to enough of them to gain experience.  But, I'll give it a go. :0)

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