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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lake Walk

I'm sick today.  I have a rotten summer cold.  It is going around at both my husband's place of work and at the hospital.  Lucky for me the census was light in the critical care areas of the hospital and I got a leave of absence from work today.
Thinking I might feel better if I got a little exercise I decided to take the two youngsters, Champ and Yoko for a lake walk.  Elizabeth lake is only a 10 minute drive from us.  I left around 7 ish to beat the heat.  It will be in the 100's today.
No matter where you live there are beautiful sights to behold.  You just have to open your mind and look.  Every time I take a walk at the lake I find new flowers I didn't see before.  Or the light puts a whole different perspective on things I normally view.  I guess it is all about how you look at life in general.
The pictures below were all taken with my used ebay canon digital pocket camera.  Yea...I found it in one of my other bags the other day.  It has been lost for a couple of months.  I just love this camera because it fits in my back pocket of my jeans.  I need to buy another one, because I keep dropping it.  You can drop it in the dirt, but it doesn't do well when you drop it on asphalt.  A few things aren't working exactly right anymore.  LOL

What a glorious morning!


Dogs are attentive on the trail watching the ducks.

I always wonder if the people who live in the beautiful house to the left of the mountains have ever come to the lake and seen their house as a reflection on the lake water?

Duck races

An upside down world

Just a groovy pic

Lots of these something or others blooming on the trail

Wild flowers

More, but different

Goofed with the sky on this photo :0)

Okay...our walk is over.  Ain't life grand?


Karen said...

Looks beautiful:)
Could you swim in the lake, it looked like there were some sandy beaches on the other side. With temperatures like those, it would be awfully tempting, at least for the dogs!

gvmama said...

Yes, you could. But, this is a huge fishing hole with lots of hooks in the water and on the beaches. Thinking about getting a kayak for Wayne and Yoko next week though.