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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mountain hike

We decided to wait until the sun was going down and it cooled to the low 90's to finally get a little exercise.  We had been sitting around in the air conditioned house on our fannies watching the Olympics too much.

Champ and Yoko with their mama Kilt

We walked only about a mile and a half up hill

Photos are off leash, but we always walk our dogs during the summer ON leash.  Some may laugh at us, but there is a good reason why we do this.

Yup...right in the middle of our path...a baby western diamond back rattler.  From a distance it looked just like a stick in the road.  One that Champ would love to pick up.  I HATE summers in Southern California just for this reason...the rattle snakes.  And, for one more reason, fire.  Both scare me to death.  I live for late fall, the winter and early spring.


Karen said...

Champ is all grown up...okay, he looks the same size as the other two at least:)

We are considering retiring to an area in the province that has some rattlesnakes...but a lot less rain!

gvmama said...

Almost 8 mos. now. He is as tall as he probably will get, but now needs to fill out width wise :0)

I wish we only had "some" rattlers I think we need some Mongoose. LOL