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Monday, August 6, 2012


Good boy...still just a BIG puppy

Champster is 7 mos. old now and is in his 2nd obedience class.  This time I am driving a little further in the opposite direction to give him as much social exposure as I can.  I came into this class at the half way mark.  The class has over 30 dogs in it.  Champ is the only Border Collie.  There is a little of everything in his class, Labs, Goldens, Giant Schnauzers, Malamute, Poodles, Aussies, 3 German Shepherds, a Newfoundland, lots of muttleys and quite a few Pit Bulls.  His favorite dog is the blue merle Dachshund :0)

Lancaster/Palmdale area is a rougher area than where we live.  Lots of gangs and Hispanic people.  Many of the men with tatoos all over them are handling the Pit Bulls.  Some have their kids heeling right along with them and their dog.  I love it.  So glad they are taking their PB's to obedience class.  Very cool.  It's even great that their kids are tagging along.  That is just the type of exposure I want for Champ!

In fact, the only two dogs on lesson 5 that are somewhat aggressive are the 2 Lab mixes.  Champ has a bit of a flat affect to be an obedience dog.  Strange, since his mother and Yoko are fabulous, upbeat obedience dogs.  So I am really working hard to get him to get a bit jazzed up with me as his partner.
I alternate with a few treats and toys and lots of positive energy.  In fact, when the class is over, he is just getting going and I'm dead tired. LOL

The next 8 week course starts the end of August.  I'm going to be gone for a good a good deal of September, but Wayne said he would take Champ.  When I am home, I will take Yoko.  Yoko is a social butterfly and so much fun to work. :0)

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