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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Going to be a BUSY September


As usual, I have decided to Go Go Go...for the month of September.  The first weekend in September is my grandson's wedding. We are going to miss the Scottish games in Pleasanton up north, my favorite event of the year.  But, I do believe my grandson takes precedence.  LOL

Dustin and his soon to be wife, Jenee

 Mid September is my girlfriend "wine cruise."  But, the more I kept thinking about the Nationals the very last weekend in September, the more I wanted to go to the finals in Klammath, Oregon, too. I was thinking I would be an idiot to miss watching them in person while they are on the West coast!  Sure, I can watch them live on line on the web cam, but I'd rather be there to take in all of the excitement!
So now I am trying to arrange my schedule at work.  I drive the clinical coordinator CRAZY, because I am always trying to change and coordinate my hospital schedule for dog events :0)  I think I can pull it off.  Jet  and Trouble can join me as my traveling companions on the drive to Klammath for the 5 days of trialing.  Best yet, we can stay in our camper van.  Yea. Both are great travelers and excellent company.

Yesterday while I was out and about, hospital training, doctors appts. and such, I picked up a couple of new dog beds for Trouble.  The price was too good to pass up. One is the perfect size for the perfect area for her to sleep in the van.  The other is a nylon water proof bed, so she can travel from RV to RV visiting without getting foxtails in her bed.  Anything for the 10 yr. old "princess" JRT. :0)

Trouble likes to have a comfy place to rest

All 12 yr. old Jet needs is a little Metacam to help him with his arthritis while traveling.  I will pack my Motrin for me.  haha  I think we are set.  I sponsored a dog to get the VIP package for the finals.  I decided this year to sponsor a friend who works very hard with his dog, Michael Burks and Sport.  I wrote and offered to volunteer on the days I will be there.  Fun, fun, fun.

Mike and Sport and Me and Jet

Great idea, Suzanne.  Plus, I can watch Champ's Dad, Buzz, run in the finals.  He has been winning some of the biggest trials this summer on the West Coast.  I'll be rooting for Suzy Applegate as well as Mike and many others.  

Champ's sire, Buzz
Maybe, some day I will make the finals.  But, in order to do so, I really need to get to more than 5 trials a year. :0)  I'll try to make an extra effort next year with Yoko.  All she needs is experience and a bit more confidence.  She is a wonderful listener and partner plus I truly enjoy trialing her.

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