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Monday, July 2, 2012

Sealed the deal :0)

YEA!  The couple in Vista took our offer for their 2003 PleasureWay conversion van.  I know it's a bit old and has 75,000 miles on it, but here's hoping it's Ford V10 Trition engine will handle a lot more miles!  Everything about this van spoke to me.  The owner has taken wonderful care of it.
And, ta daaa....I can park it in a regular parking space.  How cool is that?

Even the tires are like new.  It has an awning.  The passenger chair swivels around to look to the back of the van.  It has an adorable kitchen and it's own little nook for a Mr. Coffee maker. And a little area that houses a TV.  Plus, a new stereo system.

It has a nice step up for my OLD dogs and me :0)  The bathroom is too cute.  It even has a medicine cabinet with vanity and in the hallway there is a clothes closet and another mirror.  Once I get it packed with all the stuff i would like in it, I will put up a DO NOT ENTER sign for my husband.  He always says, "Hmmm we are out of this and that.  I bet they are in the trailer."  Then, when we go camping, the 'this and that' we need aren't there. 
Honest, I spend HOURS arranging everything in the back of my truck for trips, so this will be like a dream come true for me.

The back couch converts to a queen size bed with a flip of a switch.  Wayne checked that the Onan generator would still run with the microwave and the air conditioner on.  It did. Plus, it has tons of places for storage.  I love that the back doors open.  I can't wait to take it to the beach!
Oh yeah...where are the dogs gonna ride?  Well, I still have to figure out the traveling arrangements, but it's workable.  The best part is that I can go to a trial, leave the site to go to dinner and drive right back.  Plus, the dogs and I will have air conditioning.  No more crawling into the back of my Avalanche when it is 90 degrees outside.  I don't mind when it is cold, but when it is hot or raining, now that's another story.  Heck, I just may move out of the house and into my new/used van.

We will keep the big toy hauler that's paid off, but I still need to sell my 18 foot Eco Scamper trailer.  It's in near mint condition.  Plus, it has a welded rack on the back of it to carry stuff.  And, it has plenty of storage for crates, etc.  I'll give you a good deal. :0)


Karen said...

Oh wow, it looks great:) You are going to have a lot of fun setting it all up and then heading out on the road!

Anonymous said...

Nice, we got a pleasure way to and we like it.

gvmama said...

Jorgen...I didn't know that. Do you use it much? By the way, congrats on all of your trialing accomplishments!

Canines 'N Ewe said...

Looks really nice!

K9 Chaos said...

Hey there! I am looking for a small trailer or pop up camper. Something I can load up and go with by myself. Could you contact me and send photos of your 18 ft trailer, I might be interested (haven't looked at any Eco Scamper's yet...haven't seen any)but it sounds like something that might work. My e-mail is k9chaos3@att.net. Thanks!